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uchiko ARW week one, round two

We've had the idea to take the kids to uchiko for a special dinner for years. This is the first year I've seen it participating in Austin Restaurant week, so I jumped on the reservation and scored the table.

uchiko kids

#1 son is the most adventurous eater of the three kids. The daughter doesn't really like sushi and #2 son doesn't like anything.

koviche uchiko austin sushi japanese

We started with some koviche (fresh diver scallp, tomatillo, kalamata, black lime), #1 son can't wait to dive in.

uchiko austin restaurant week menu 2014

Each of the three courses has three choices. we ordered three ARW meals. That enables us to have everything on the menu! Kat loves this method of ordering.

kat uchiko austin

uchiko branzino

uchiko shag

uchiko yokai berry dinosaur kale


The daughter admitted, "OK, this IS pretty good". Meanwhile, #2 son ordered his third bowl of plain rice...

uchiko sakana mushi

uchiko dewbee chicken

uchiko mori bacon

Then, we hit the dessert course. all the sudden #2 was was ready to participate...

uchiko iphone food photography for beginners kids

#2 son: WAIT, WAIT WAIT! let me take a picture! (frames food in his iphone camera), I need more light! (Kat uses her iphone flashlight to brighten the sweet subjects).

and then the plates were scraped clean in a very short time.

uchiko fried milk

uchiko sweet corn sorbet

uchiko tobacco cream

uchiko austin restaurant japanese farmhouse kids

Take the kids to uchiko, scratch that one off the list.


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