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Mettle and theYelp Elite party at Getaway

Mettle- East Austin Bistro:

mettle austin rhubarb julep

Just when I say that I'm just about over this whole "Craft Cocktail" trend, I was re-interested during a recent Happy Hour sampling at Mettle. The Rhubarb Julep (above) was refreshing and I thoroughly enjoyed my Mexico '68 (shown below).

mexico 68 at mettle happy hour austin

shandy austin happy hour austin tx

They serve Kat's favorite summer beer. Shiner Rubyred (ginger and red grapefruit beer) as a Shandy, over a cube of frozen lemonade.

The $5 HH food was good as well.

mettle brussels sprouts happy hour food austin

Brussell Sprouts with crispy rice, apple butter (above), Caramelized Cauliflower with quinoa, almond, pomegranate (below)

mettle happy hour food austin

Yelp Elite party at the Getaway:

yelp elite party austin getaway

sephora makeup booth at yelp elite party austin 

make up booth by Sephora

donkey kong game at getaway austin

30+ years later and I'm still trying to beat that Donkey Kong!

austin eastcider yelp elite party

Eastciders is really good if you don't care for the overly sweet ciders usually produced in the US.

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