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cooking on salt, B-scene Black Forest faire

himalayan salt plate cooktop

some friends gave us a Himalayan salt plate.  it's a 200 million year old slab of salt that you cook on.  Hint, do NOT season (salt) the food before you apply it to the HOT plate, it will be seasoned by the cooking surface. 

himalayan salt plate shrimp feast 2013

I heated it up on the cooktop and used the hot salt plate to cook right on the table.  the kids LOVED this.  the sizzle and the steam from the food cooking right in front of you. 

himalayan salt plate meal 

most people use these on the stove top or grill, to keep the stone hot. 

it does start to cool once removed from the heat, we only get one real hot pass with food.  and, it's important not to crowd the plate.  I had just a bit too much (above).  it was still hot enough to cook a few more scallops on a second pass, and the scallops were delicious!

tabletop salt plate cooking steak shrimp scallops

B-Scene at the Blanton Museum of Art, Black Forest Faire

blanton b-scene black forest faire

brave combo austin blanton museum of art b-scene 2013 black forest faire

Brave Combo played and the people did dance and have a good time! 

I have been feeling less than 100% (cough and cold) so I mostly watched.  an older man put his hand on my shoulder and advised, "you better dance with her!  it'll be the only 2, or 3 minutes you get to be in control...  think about it!" 

brave combo 2013 austin blanton b-scene

a german guy and a chinese gal walk into an art museum and the bartender says...

we ate bratwurst and I got to wear the lederhosen again.  real lederhosen are not cheap, so I need to wear them often to justify the cost.  don't be alarmed if you see me at the HEB in such attire. 

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