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the time I almost saw la luz

I had friends in town before my plane had landed.  I didn't get much time to recover from my two weeks of travel before I was out and about in ATX.

Papi Tino's HH east austin margaritas

took the guys to the east side, Papi Tino's for HH. 

papi tino's east 6th austin

we spent the rest of our evening at Hotel Vegas.  I was hoping to see La Luz

hotel vegas austin tx

big hands

"OMG, Look at the size of Y'all's hands!"

I spent a good bit of time chatting with the girls in the band...

la luz hotel vegas austin tx

but, at 1 AM the La Luz girls were still setting up; the email I received from transmission events said they go on at 10pm.  I had a long (one hour) walk ahead of me.  I finally gave up and started with one foot in front of the other (yeah, I still walk late at night)


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