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harvesting the water of the ancestors

tothill cemetery

we paid our respects to the ancestral burial grounds while in nebraska.


cemetery song and dance

#1 son picked out an area as his final resting spot and did a song and dance. 

"it's not depressing, because I'm, gonna die with a smile on my face".  watch out ancestors!  there's an entertainer in the mix!

song and dance in the graveyard

cemetery well water harvesting

tothill cemetery well water

conversation I overheard while at the family cemetery:

#1 son: were any of our ancestors involved in the civil war?

my mom: none of us had arrived here at that time.

#1 son: what about the first or second world war? 

my mom: I guess you could say they were involved in the second world war.

#1 son: in what way?

my mom: they were in the concentration camps

we spent our final Nebraska day at the farm of my aunt and uncle.  they were celebrating their 40th anniversary. 

I even drank a Busch Lite. I had to explain that Austin is not near Moore OK and we did not suffer any tornado damage.  I also came to realize that the term "stay home dad" is something foreign up that way.  it inspired the notion that I home schooled.  our whole family life and configuration seemed to be confusing for the nebraska relatives.    

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