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RIO rooftop pool and bar, going "FULL DOUCHE"

we were dropping some friends off at their car after our fun at the W.  They'd parked near RIO, they were having a grand opening party.  we'd resigned to not go... but we saw the line was down the street with people trying to get in, and we could hear the music pumping.... we decided to just see what happens IF we can get it.  it was also decided that IF we can get in, we have to go in like we own it.  it was said we needed to go into "FULL DOUCHE mode".

We did not go to the back of the line.  the whole group of us went straight to the front.  there was a guy in a dark suit with a device in his ear guarding a red velvet rope.  I informed him that we were on the VIP list, I offered him my Sam's club card as proof.  He looked at my discount club membership and shook his head, NO.  I pointed to my picture and said, "see, it's me".  he laughed, but did not unhook that rope for us.  I said "wait just a minute", I dug around in my wallet, produced my Library card.  he looked it, smiled, and said no.  I motioned for him to wait, I figured I'd try my Driver's Lic next, I had nothing to loose.  around then, a $20 came from behind and was put on top of my DL.  the doorman smiled and said, "ah yes, you are on the list".  FULL DOUCHE was in full effect. 

RIO rooftop pool bar

they have a small pool on the rooftop and several private cabanas.  they also offer "bottle service".

it was packed, yet we managed to find a nice sectional sofa with table.  we were informed that we could not get bottle service or keep our table/sofa without reservations.  it was a this point that I heard "I make more money in one minute, than you do all year!  I want this table and a bottle of Cristal, you need to make it happen"  the bottle service manager was a bit upset, and let me know she had been insulted, but she was going to accommodate us.  things got a bit wild then. 

Cristal Champagne bottle service RIO austin rooftop bar pool

the delivery of our bottle service and our own private hostess. 

douchey guy with cristal bottle service

and I danced, I don't like hip-hop, or rap music, but I went with the flow.  I put my hands in the air... FULL DOUCHE!

douchebag of austin

I high-fived strangers. I moved in new, and possibly inappropriate ways...

rio rooftop pool bar girls

I made new friends.  one of them asked me, "who is that lady taking our picture?"  I said, "THAT'S MY WIFE  SHE'S THE BEST!! (I'd started yelling at people again)".  they stopped dancing, looked at me with a scornful curiosity, and soon said bye.  I guess they were nice girls after all.  I was too douchey for them.

full moon on RIO rooftop bar pool

kat sipped water from her champagne glass, under that the bright moon light, late at night, next to the rooftop pool at RIO.  she was the designated driver, and official documentarian. 

that cristal champagne was GOOD!  but at $1k for bottle service, I don't think I can get used to the lifestyle.  it was fun to be somebody else for an evening, but it's not really my style.  and thanks to the wife for driving home, and all the pics/video of the alternate, even douchier, me. 


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