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apple bobbing and portal gun assembly lines,,, spooky like Halloween

#2 son spends most of his play time creating zombie killing devices.  He had a very detailed description for this one.  I asked him to repeat so I can record. 

"it cuts the HEAD OFF!" 

I made THREE portal guns for halloween this year.  mostly made from plumbing pvc parts and a few bits from an office supply store.  #2 son would get excited as he saw his portal gun taking shape.  each day he'd give me praise, then issue complaints.  when I was done he tried to shoot a portal, he expected me to provide a REAL portal gun. 

home made portal gun

these were as close as I got.  they do light up.  but they don't make real portals.  maybe in the (distant) future....

aperture science portal 2 gun

went to some friends house in lost creek for their annual halloween spooktacular get together.  always fun.  we love halloween!  scharfe maxx halloween party cheese planer

we were happy to find a wedge of der scharfe maxx cheese.  #1 son worked that planer till the maxx was down to a minumum. 

dragon's blood drink with eyeball halloween

spooky dragon's blood cocktail with edible eyeballs!  I told you this stuff was spooky.

she ate the eyeball from dragon's blood drink

she ate the eyeball... spooky indeed!

spicy sweet potato soup

yummy spiced sweet potato soup, it was all good. 

portal 2 peabody halloween costume

he wanted to be P. body from Portal 2.  he said "some of the people thought I was a candy corn but they are WRONG!" 

chell portal 2 aperture science halloween costume

the daughter makes a very believable Chell

portal 2 halloween costumes and portal guns

getting ready to head out for trick or treating in Lost Creek.

portal 2 peabody rides golf cart

#2 son rode the golf cart for the longer stretches of road.  he did a few houses and decided "that was enough, I'm done trick or treating"

cat kat with portal gun

kat and I walked back with the portal guns, kids rode back on the golf cart.

luchador lucha libre paul schuster

bobbing for apples:

bobbing for apples halloween

none of us had ever bobbed for apples.  the kids figured that it was easy, just grab the stem!

bobbing for apples

I figured this was just wrong!

bobbing for apples lost creek austin westlake halloween

all stem up apples removed and it wasn't so easy for Mr So-Tall.  couldn't get one. 

apple bobbing champion austin westlake halloween

I went after that apple, stuck my whole head down into the bucket and water, pressed the apple up against the side of the bucket and chomped it!  SUCCESS!!  notice how impressed (shocked) the audience behind me is. 

AJ is an apple bobbing champion lost creek austin westlake

Mr AJ easily replicated my success. 

so-tall the apple bobbing champion of lost creek austin westlake

So-Tall went back for another attempt and had the sweet taste of victory (apple).  we were all champions this halloween. 

easy tiger 6th street austin sausage and beer

kat and I escaped one night this week to try the food at easy tiger.  those sausages on pretzel roll were really good!  and kat loved the charred fresh okra with lemon juice. 


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