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June 28, 2012

stephen f austin yelp party and austin monthly coco breve at the w

it was a week of fancy pants parties. 

 yelp elite event at stephen f austin hotel terrace:

fruit and champagne shooters at stephen f austin terrace bar yelp elite party

the Pimm's vermouth and cucumber was REALLY good and refreshing. 

hamachi crudo at stephen f austin terrace bar yelp elite party

hamachi crudo was pretty and tasty.

I forgot to take a camera...  crappy iphone pics and a half effort...  but it was a good party. 

antonelli's cheese tray yelp elite party stephen f austin 

I especially loved the fantastic cheese tray from antonelli's.  I loaded up early on, then when I returned to take a pic it had been mostly cleaned out. 

live jazz band at stephen f austin yelp elite party

live jazz band at the beautiful stephen f austin second floor terrace bar.

treaty oak rum pepperita

pepperitas were provided by treaty oak (rum)  not sure you can really have a margarita made with rum... but I'll vouch, it was good. 


paul schuster and wife at w hotel party austin monthly coco breve party

we also attended a party at the W hotel "wet deck" (pool bar/lounge area).  the party was hosted by austin monthly magazine and coco breve, a new coconut water inspired drink. 

coco breve party austin monthly w hotel wet deck pool party

food was good. 

chick pea fries at w hotel austin coco breve austin monthly party

the chick pea fries were really good. 

springroll on a spoon at w hotel coco breve party austin monthly magazine

spring roll slice on a spoon...  a bit awkward to eat but refreshing.... sort of like coco breve.  we all know the restorative/hydrating power of coconut water (great for the morning after having too much)  well. this coconut water has 4.2% alcohol.... so you can get hydrated and get some hair of the dog at the same time.  or maybe if you are laying by the pool and want to stay fresh and not drink too much. 


w hotel austin wet deck pool area

so we left and wandered around the W.  that place is beautiful! 

100 occupancy limit w hotel bar austin

kat is noting the 100 occupancy limit, we have room for 98 more people....  we had the place to ourselves. 

pimm's cup at trace austin W hotel

stopped by trace (the W hotel restaurant)  kat tried their Pimm's cup that came with frothed egg whites...  I feel a summer pimm's theme materializing. 

sea bass crudo at trace w hotel austin restaurant

seabass crudo from trace. 


wimberley fischer blanco river cabin

#1 son went down to wimberley/fischer with me.  he put in a good six hours of helping me lay a deck/floor in the screen room.  it was 102 outside, he only complained once.  I pay him $5 an hour to help.  he'd asked for an allowance but we decided working for what he wants would be more rewarding than just throwing money at him.  in the end, he was very proud of the final product.  he can't wait to show his friends and tell them "I helped build that!"

June 25, 2012

screen room is ready! bugs be gone and shade be welcome (amh wimberley/fischer blanco river barn)

I raced down to our place on the blacno river saturday, finished a wall on the screen room just before some friends arrived for a swim and feast. 

wimberley texas fischer barn cabin

blanco river screen room

cheese and crackers wimberley blanco fischer store rd

the cheese and crackers were a welcome treat after soaking in the river.  it may be tripple digit heat outside, but that water was so cool that kat had to get out to warm up on a rock. 

cheese cracker and granny smith apple art

the daughter turned her appetizer into edible art using the granny smith apple matchsticks drizzled with lime juice and sugar. 

kids grilling marshmallows in texas june heat

the kids insisted on building their own "fire" grill to toast the mashmallows. 

wimberley texas fischer tx

it feels so good to have this screen room up.  next step is to work on the floor and then paint the whole barn. 


"I was dancing in a lesbian bar" jonathan richman at the mohawk austin tx 6-22-2012

we've been lucky to be able to see jonathan richman regularly.  he usually comes in the fall/winter time.  this year was June, and it was hot... and an outdoor show.... and a LOT of people made it out to the mohawk to see him.

crowd outside at the mohawk austin

the pic above was nearly an hour before he took the stage.  no breeze and it got PACKED.  we were all sweated up.

no one was like vermeer jonathan richman mohawk austin 2012

he started at 10 PM sharp.  gave us a great "no one was like vermeer", then he stopped to ask us a question....

jojo j. richman modern lovers austin tx 2012 mohawk

"can you hear me ok?  can you hear me up there?  (somebody responded with "turn it up, LOUDER!  jonathan paused and grimaced, we could all hear the soundbleed from a band on another stage at the mohawk)  I don't do loud.  that would be like fighting, and I don't fight.  You paid for this show and you deserve to hear it.  I tell you what, I'm going to ask you all to be patient and wait for this other band to stop, so you can hear this." 

groundhog peep jonathan richman austin tx 2012 mohawk

and he walked off the stage.  we all stood there a bit stunned, hot and sweaty packed in like sardines.  we could hear the metal band from the other stage playing on.  after about ten minutes J. Richman came back to give us an update.  "I told the club they had to move the other band to the indoor stage, or you all deserve your money back".  we started to get a bit restless and a few minutes later a guy from the mohawk jumped up and got a bit angry at the audience (really!)  "don't you heckle MY artist!, just relax and go have a drink".  I thought that was a bit much, we weren't heckling mr richman at all.  we were annoyed that the club had booked another loud band at the same time.  we had already bought drinks from his bar and waited for two and a half hours in the heat. 

mr richman sat at the back-side of the stage, looking a bit like a groundhog peeking out from his hole, checking to see if the metal band had left yet and the coast was clear.

tommy larkins drums mohawk austin tx 2012 

eventually, we were rewarded for our patience.  the other band was moved indoors and jonathan came back and did a dance while tommy larkins created the beat.  (see the first youtube video below to enjoy his "thank you for waiting, over there" dance)

jonathan richman austin texas mohawk 2012


jonathan richman mohawk austin tx 2012


jonathan richman austin tx mohawk 2012

he paid us all back by playing a string of crowd pleasing hits including: I was dancing in a lesbian bar, Vampire Girl, and My Affected Accent.  we all know the lyrics and he would regularly back away from the mic, knowing we'd all complete the song for him.  love the audience participation portion of the show. 

jonathan richman austin texas mohawk 2012

classic jonthan richman crazy eyes look at the audience. 


royal fig harvest room, korean grill banchan (local eats)

is this a food blog?  partly....  if I enjoyed it, I'll share.  same as places, events and music... but this entry is all about food, pickled food. 


our friends over at royal fig catering have expanded to include a dining room that seats up to 40.  the additional space is set up to host rehearsal dinners, office parties or whatever special event you would like.  they also host a regular supper club (byob).  we are hoping to attend one of their supper club events soon.

we enjoyed a small sampling of what they can offer when they hosted an open house this past week to show off the new space.

watermelon gazpacho royal fig catering austin harvest room

watermelon gazpacho was refreshing way to kick start the evening.

royal fig catering austin westlake drinks

the drinks were too sweet for me, and this opinion was shared by a few yelpers we sat with.  they were delicious... but one or two was enough (rasberry mint margarita and spicy guavarita).  we seemed to prefer the spicy guavarita. 

green olives and prosciutto

pickling done in house royal fig catering westlake austin west lake hills

they pickle everything in house and this really results in a nice final product.  fresh pickled...  almost sounds like an oxymoron but it's what you want.  any clod can open a jar and dump stuff onto a serving plate, this is where experience, training and attention to detail make an event/meal a special occasion and not just filler. 

pork belly with fried oyster royal fig catering austin westlake harvest room

pork belly with fried oyster.  the oyster was perfectly done, crispy on the outside yet not over cooked/rubbery inside.  YES!


we made the day-trip to the big asian market way up north.  had a quick snack at korean grill.  we'd eaten there a few years back and remembered the great service we received from the young korean girl with the texas accent.  we went back and were very glad we did.  the kimchi pancake (center below) was delicious and we really enjoyed the banchan (all the little side dishes that come along with your meal) 

banchan korean grill chinatown austin

the happy girl beamed with pride as we complimented the pickled items.  she explained "my grandmother makes it the best!"  she pointed to a few and noted what was grown in their garden at home and pickled themselves.  they order the seeds from korea and these vegs can't be purchased at the big MT asian market next door.  we felt so privileged. 

some guys at a table next to us were also raving about the kimchi.  they asked what brand it was, where can they buy some, "this is the best kimchi we've ever had!".  she had to break it to them that they make their own and don't sell it "but I can box some up for you to take home, no additional charge" 

yes, we all felt like family at the korean grill.  I didn't care for the beef bulgogi but that should be no surprise as I'm not a fan of eating beef. 

June 16, 2012

happy hour at mulberry wine bar and friday red bud island kayak

kat had suggested we return to FINO for happy hour this week, but I found their happy hour ends at 6PM.  she'd hoped to leave work at 5 but that didn't happen, we adjusted for plan B, Mulberry.  their HH ends at 7.  I LOVE MULBERRY!  kids did too.  kat got there a bit late and I had a hard time keeping the kids from eating all the delicous HH snacks before she arrived.

 meatballs with wine and lemon broth mulberry austin $9 happy hour

the wine and lemon broth that surrounded the meatballs was delicious.  we had to ask for extra bread so we could continue to soak it up.  meatballs were good too, but the magic was in the broth.  $9 for happy hour.

gorganzola copa honey crostinin mulberry happy hour austin

crostini piled with gorgonzola and copa over honey $5.  how could it not be awesome?   

and behind that, devils on horseback!  a date stuffed with gorgonzola and then wrapped in bacon...  WOW!  the kids LOVED those.  I've had them before, but these were the best so far. 

happy at mulberry austin happy hour

churros at zocalo austin

fresh made churros at zocalo are really good.  we all love sitting out on their patio. 

kayaking ladybird johnson lake town lake austin

#2 son loves all things related to water.  he was so excited when I suggested kayaking around red bud island.  it's been a while since we did our usual RBI friday and things were a bit different, the usual friday afternoon party was non existant.  there were hardly any people there at all and we found a parking spot right away.  we used the kayaks to get to our usual private beach area.  and the kids were allowed to have junk food and sodas, continuing the "what happens on red bud island, stays on red bud island" tradition

kids in ladybird johnson lake town lake austin redbud island

the kids played like kids should play in the river, they splashed and swam.

soaking ladybird johnson town lake austin

lady bird johnson lake austin red bud island

dirty stinky beer drinking hippie town lake austin


June 15, 2012

nostalgia... people and places we left back in baltimore/dc

mostly personal pics of friends and places we've lived that didn't make it on to the previous two balto/dc posts

the history of us

or, the history of us. 

twelve years ago butcher's hill baltimore

so I lived in this 200 year old row house in butcher's hill, it had a view of the inner harbor,  bridge and downtown.  it was a great location, just a few blocks to fell's point.  I rented one of the five bedrooms out to a girl attending law school and.... 

pic above is the daughter and I twelve years ago, standing outside the front door, pic below is current.

butcher's hill baltimore maryland chester street

....  I'm at a loss for words. 

daily grind coffee house fells point baltimore md free wifi

she seems so grown up now...  pic above is at daily grind coffee shop. 

she made me happy just now. she was telling me all about this new pokemon game about to come out and was asking permission to buy it, with her own money.  she's not rushing to grow up like so many her age.  yet grown up enough to know to save her own $ for the things she wants...  I'm so proud of her.  those kids are the best thing I've ever done. 

 broom factory baltimore maryland warehouse

before the row house I was a starving artist, living in my loft in this old broom factory.  the building only had heat (clanky steam pipes) monday-friday 8-5 and no a/c.  I had most of that third floor and there was one of those partly open and manual (up/down control) industrial elevators with the sliding gate and all, I was bohemian back then.  drank cheap wine etc.  it was ok till the rat fell on my head in the middle of the night… I won’t soon forget that. never put a rat trap above the bed.

3341 falls road handrail baltimore md

this was the first house the wife and I bought together, from an online HUD auction.  I made that handrail from a few pieces of round bar and a torch.  I'm so glad to see it's still there even though the stairs have been replaced with a safer code compliant option.  I had posted pics of the miracle we performed on that house on a previous post (HERE)

bertha's mussels fells point baltimore md bar

we did not get to visit bertha’s, but I did take this pic through the bar window... I spent many fun evenings in there.  and it was a great destination to walk to when the city was shut down from snow/blizzard.  imperial pint of draught guinness when it's snowy and cold outside....  some of the best times on the east coast start/end that way. 

old friends at rocket to venus hampden baltimore

met up with old friends at rocket to venus, forgot to photograph some of them on our last night there but enjoyed seeing them all none the less. 

chef craig henige rocket to venus baltimore hampden

chef craig now (above) and 15 years ago (below)

sherries showbar baltimore paul schuster craig henige

kids went wild at rocket to venus baltimore hampden

of course the kids all had fun.  (rocket to venus above, dogfish head below)

kids at dogfish head alehouse

dogfish head alehouse

dogfish head alehouse

seeing old friends was a nice part of our summer vacation. 


June 13, 2012

eats and drinks balto/dc trip

Little Serowthe BEST dining experience was enjoyed behind this unmarked basement door in the dupont circle area of DC.  people lined up before opening to get a table, and that was a tuesday night.  this is place is perfect for the adventurous foodie.  the menu changes weekly and you have no choices or substitutions, all or nothing.  SPICY Isaan style food! 

little serow front door dupont circle washington DC isaan style thai food BEST RESTAURANT

menu for first week of june 2012 little serow washington dc dupont circle

very dark down there and all the food is served family style (share with partner)

little serow dupont circle washington dc isaan thai

little serow washington dc dupont circle thai food isaan style

khao tod little serow dupont circle washington DC isaan style thai food

the khao tod was my favorite. 

pork ribs little serow dupont circle washington dc isaan style thai food

the si krong muu (pork ribs) was also delicious but we were not crazy about the laap meuang (back left)

Henninger's Tavern (fell's pt baltimore):

happy guy with draft beer at henninger's tavern fell's point baltimore md

the wife and I had our first "official date" at Henninger's tavern 14 years ago.  it was a few blocks from where we lived, we were shifting from a landlord/tennant relationship to something much more esoteric.  so we returned with THREE kids.  their delicious steamed mussels are partly to blame/credit. 

henninger's fells point baltimore best steamed mussels

we were pleased to see they still have the best food in fell's point.  this quickly became our go-to place while we lived near.  our regular meal consisted of steamed mussels with extra bread to sop up the juices, caesar salad and a bottle of cline (lodi) zin. 

henninger's fells pt baltimore draft beer

John Steven Ltd (fells pt baltimore):

john stevens ltd fells point baltimore steamed shrimp

I've frequented John Steven for more than 20 years.  I was so glad to see that it is exactly the same, nothing has changed.  we enjoyed a "steamer" of shrimp coated with old bay and some raw oysters.

john stevens ltd fell's point baltimore

passed out at the bar john stevens ltd baltimore md fells pt

the boys passed out at a booth and slept there for over an hour.  kat and the daughter went shopping while I stayed and supervised (enjoyed another beer from their fanastic draft list)


bob's noodle 66 rockville taiwanese food servers slacking off

kat was very excited about finding this place serving authentic taiwanese food.  I was less than thrilled with the service.  after we were seated, the servers all congregated around the lady with an ipad (manager?).  they watched videos and laughed and giggled.  NOBODY came over to offer us water or food or anything.  we eventualy gained one girl's attention and she did take our order.  kat saw I was getting annoyed and had suggested I have a beer, to relax.  but the girl took our beer order, went over to the kegerator and leaned her ass on it and played a game on her phone...  the food started to come from the kitchen and land on the table and this girl was still there leaning on the beer...  I had to get up and ask her for my beer, or I was about to fill a mug myself.  kat was happy, she was finally able to satisfy her craving for an authentic taiwanese oyster pancake.

bob's noodle 66 rockville oyster pancake

the oyster pancake (right) was eggy, oystery and the sauce is like a thin sweet ketchup.  the "taiwanese hamburger" (left front above) was an odd sort of experience.  it's like a braised thick slice of beef with garlic, scallions and cilantro, then a liberal coating of sugar in a steamed bun.  I had no real opinions on it, wasn't bad, wouldn't seek one out again. 

bob's noodle 66 rockville soup

he had no ambivalence concerning the hot and sour soup.  he can't get enough of that stuff and Bob's noodle 66 hot/sour soup was good.  food good, service sucks, and remember to bring cash only, bob hates credit cards. 

NICK'S OYSTER BAR (cross street market/federal, hill baltimore)

nick's seafood inner harbor cross street market baltimore

I love the communal experience of seafood and beers at Nick's at the far end of the cross street market.  they serve beers in these giant 32 oz clear plastic cups.  the girl above was kind enough to realize I was being cheap when I ordered one 32 oz instead of two 16 oz for us.  she charged us for the 32 and split it for us.  the food was good, the beer was good...  I want more. 

happy couple enjoying beer at cross street market

nick's seafood baltimore cross street market

Monaco Kimpton Hotel social hour:

social hour at baltimore monaco kimpton

our hotel had complimentary (FREE!) wine and appetizers from 5-6.  the app was some sort of compressed water melon with ginger and mint... (as best I can recall)

DOGFISH HEAD ALE HOUSE (gaithersburg md)

dogfish head ale house gaithersburg md

they have great craft beers at dogfish head.  kat enjoyed her petite and fancy beer, but she soured on it after she realized it was nearly $11.  she was missing the cheap shiner heffe weizen we enjoy here in austin.

dogfish head ale house chesapeake pizza

the cheasapeake pizza was ok but the kids mostly enjoyed the brownie w/ ice cream.

ROCKET TO VENUS (hampden, baltimore):

rocket to venus RTV hampden baltimore fried PBJ

we also lived in the Hampden area of Baltimore (the city that breeds).  that area has really evolved into a nice escape from the urban jungle for locals (and tourists in our case).  RTV was not around when we lived there, but twice we met up with old friends (upcoming third dc/balto blog post).  the kids enjoyed the fried PBJ, it was an epic mound of fried sweetness.

rocket to venus hampden baltimore md chef craig henige

one of my old partners in crime is chef'ing it at RTV.  chef craig henige and I both worked in a fell's point french/seafood restaurant called foster's, 17 years ago?.  craig was the sous chef, I was the pantry chef, we worked under Executive Chef Gwen Kvavli Gulliksen.  those were some good times, before wife/kids/house... I didn't even own a car.  we worked hard at making amazing food in the kitchen, then worked hard at trying to explore/violate every bar in fell's point. I'd sleep the day and do it all again. 

anybody that has enjoyed seared salmon here at austin modhouse can thank chef gwen as I learned to love and make that stuff from her.  (a chef gwen seared salmon recipe link here)

and if you are into kale salad, it's your lucky day!  chef gwen has a kale salad blog HERE

RYLEIGH'S OYSTER HOUSE (federal hill, baltimore):

ryleigh's oyster house federal hill baltimore md

I highly recommend ryleigh's.  they had a great lunch special for $9, sandwich and a cup of soup.  daughter enjoyed the BLT and I enjoyed the md cream of crab soup.  and the oysters were delicious/fresh!

JIMMY'S (fell's point):

jimmy's fells point baltimore diner breakfast

nothing fancy about jimmy's.  just great diner food at reasonable prices.  pancakes, hash browns and kat enjoyed housemade cornedbeef hash.  cheap and easy, this was our neighborhood breakfast spot when we lived near. 

MaGerks Pub (federal hill baltimore):

mcgerk's courtyard baltimore federal hill

I used to hang out at this fun dive bar called Tio Loco's.  one day the owner (brian) got tired of it all and closed.  it's now magerk's.  like a salmon returning home to spawn...  we found magerk's had a great courtyard that was perfect for kids.  the kids had selected several cakes and sweets from cross street market.  we had planned to find a park bench to enjoy the nice weather and let them snack, but we found none.  magerk's ended up being the perfect place and they didn't mind that the kids brought their own food in.  we did later return for a second magerk session and enjoyed the food.  we liked it!

ETETE Etheopian (U street area DC) 

etete etheopian U street washington dc

I can't recommend you going to etete.  the DC restaurant scene offers great etheopian food.  when I lived in DC it was easy to walk to adams morgan and get some cheap etheopian extra spicy and a pitcher of beer.  the U street area is now popular for etheopian food.  so after spending all day on the mall, we made it to U street and landed here.  I asked the waitress for help and explained that three entrees would be plenty, she pointed to a few and I agreed.  then she asked if we'd like a pastry first.  I agreed once again.  then she returned with 5 pastries....  somehow we figured we'd be sharing one but ok, it was good.  then we received our food, served as you see above.  I'm not that familiar with etheopian food but it was all good.  but when we received the bill, we were charged for four entrees.  I reminded the waitress that I'd asked for three, but she got the menu and mated each pile of food on the table to four different entrees.  it was WAY more food than we could eat.  instead of it being a cheap easy fun meal, it was $100 of frustration. 

June 12, 2012

baltimore and washington DC tourist destinations

american visionary art museum baltimore md 

one of our favorite art museums on earth is the American Visionary Art Museum, in baltimore.  photography is not allowed in the main areas but I'll give you this pic of the boys favorite exhibit, the flatulence post (below).  the button on top of the post, once pressed, produces a prerecorded fart sound over a loudspeaker.  they could have stayed and pressed that button all day, laughing along with each amplified flatulant. 

flatulence fart post american visionary arts museum baltimore 

Fell's Point:

fell's point Baltimore POLICE EMS baltimore md

we went to fell's point and found an intersection was blocked off by several police vehicles and the EMS.  just like I remember it!

fell's point rowhouse walk

inner harbor from fell's pt baltimore

fell's point pier baltimore md

love the fell's point area.  very pretty and so many sidewalk cafes and live music places.  I do miss living within an easy walk of it. 

fell's pt pier baltimore md

pretty girl in fell's pt

broadway pier baltimore fells point

fell's point square baltimore md

Smithsonian Museums and National Mall:

washington DC smithsonian museum of natural history

T-Rex skeleton at the natural history museum, DC.  also saw the hope diamond and that tube/capsule that rescued the chilean miners and...  a lot of bones and rocks and such.

dorothy's ruby slippers wizard of oz smithsonian museum washington DC

Dorothy's ruby slippers from the wizard of oz at the american history museum. 

we also saw the star spangled banner, the flag that survived the battle of batltimore 1812 and inspired francis scott key to write the song that became the national anthem.  no photography allowed of the flag so you get ruby slippers.   

smithsonian national zoo Washington DC

went to the national zoo. 

great apes at the national zoo

smithsonian national botanic garden washington dc

national botanic gardens

joan miro at the hirshhorn smithsonian sculpture garden

Joan Miro sculpture at the Hirshhorn

washington dc white house 1600 pennsylvania avenue

stopped by to see the president, the White House. 

washington monument DC

soon as we stepped onto the national mall, #2 son yelled "I gotta go potty".  while we looked around to find the nearest restroom, in a panic, he dropped his pants and went right there... now that is freedom. 

washington monument dc

washington monument dc

WW II world war 2 memorial washington DC

WWII memorial

4,048 gold stars at the WWII memorial

4,048 gold stars, one star for each 100 americans who died in WWII.  the civil war is the only war to have greater american casualties. 

lincoln memorial washington DC

lincoln memorial

lincoln memorial

it was at the lincoln memorial where I was approached by a group of middle school boys, "hello sir, I like your daughter".  she ignored them. 

president lincoln at the memorial washington dc

"my idol", president lincoln had made a big impression upon kat before she came to america. 

union station washington dc

union station

washington DC the grotto

the grotto

national capitol washington DC

national capitol

nation's capitol washington DC

national capitol building washington DC



washington DC fountain levitation

UB School of Law:


edgar allen poe UB law school U of B

kat went back to her old school, statue of edgar allen poe. 

Mount Vernon (Baltimore)

mount vernon area of baltimore md

mount vernon area of baltimore, the washington monument/memorial, la fayette monument and the death place (church) of Francis Scott Key (author of the star spangled banner)

mount vernon francis scott key death place washington memorial baltimore

Federal Hill and the Cross street market:

cross street market EMS blood baltimore

EMS was outside cross street market dumping buckets of water on the sidewalk and scrubbing with a broom.  I joked, "washing fresh blood off the street!".  but it was no joke when we walked closer and saw a wad of bloody paper towels.  just about then an empty can of Natty Boh (cheap local beer like PBR) was tossed out of a third story row house window and landed near us.

natty boh can on street of baltimore cross street market

notice the natty boh can where it came to rest near the rear tire of the baltimore police car.

inside cross street market

Baltimore has the oldest continually operating public market system in the nation.  cross street market has always been my favorite.  we used to buy produce, flowers, seafood and baked goods in this market.  one end is devoted to serving up crab cakes and big draft beers, and sushi.

nick's seafood and sushi cross street market baltimore federal hill

Federal Hill Jazz and Blues Festival:

federal hill street festival jazz and blues

federal hill jazz and blues street festival

federal hill baltimore street festival jazz and blues


hotel monaco kimpton baltimore md b&o

we stayed at the monaco kimpton in baltimore, in the old office building of the B&O railroad.  the place is beautiful. 

hotel monaco kimpton baltimore

hotel monaco kimpton baltimore lounge area

free wine and appetizers in the comfortable lounge area from 5-6, don't miss it!  you know we didn't.

hotel monaco kimpton baltimore

the sheraton in baltimore was also nice (below).  realy comfy beds!

sheraton baltimore md inner city harbor

view from baltimore sheraton 9th floor south tower


June 10, 2012

planes, trains and space ships (DC/Balto summer vacation 2012)

austin airport family

#2 son had been excited about our summer vacation.  he knew we'd be flying and it would be his first flight. 

austin airport

first flight child

american airlines toddler

american airlines wing in flight pic

and they were excited to ride the train, or METRO

shady grove metro platform

boy in dc metro station

#1 son studies dc metro map

#1 son quickly felt at home commuting to dc on the metro every day.

dc metro commuters read the paper

he fit right in with the locals.

young dc metro commuter

#1 son on metro platform dc

dc metro train speeding through the statin

the daughter even got yelled at on the metro, "DON'T STAND BY THE DOOR! MOVE TO THE MIDDLE OF THE TRAIN!"  she did the right thing, just ignored the guy. 

dc metro

dc metro etiquette stand on the right

as soon as #2 son learned proper DC METRO etiquitte (stand to the right and climb on the left) he was all about climbing the escalators on the left side. 

dc metro pole dancer

#2 son soon refused to sit on the METRO, he sort of pole danced.  I was sure he was going to fall and crack his head... but he didn't. 

smithsonian metro station

smithsonian american history museum dc santa cruz train

trains and planes at the smithsonian american history museum.

wright brothers first flight plane at the smithsonian dc

that is the plane the wright brothers had the very first flight with.  they even have one of the wright bros bicycles and an original first flight prop on exhibit at the national air and space museum. 

washington dc smithsonian air and space museum

airforce barbershop quartet at the air and space smithsonian museum

airforce barbershop quartet sort of event in the air and space museum.

traveling family on the move