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zip a dee doo dahh zip back in time

the replacement por-15 arrived.  we wasted no time finishing the airstream interior end cap.

we moved the sleeper sofa inside.  I was glad to see it out of the carport.

the fit is near perfect.  almost like it was made to go in an airstream.  I am going to replace the legs.  the ones it came with are rails.  the fesh water tank is underneath and the rail can't slide all the way back or it would be resting on a plumbing hose.  I have ordered hair pin legs to fix this and also reduce weight, they were on sale too!

ZIP DRIVE ACTION!  a decade ago I used a zip drive to save all my photos.  the zip drive later died.  then a few years later the computer died and a computer fixing service managed to erase the hard drive and also erased the back up.  we lost several years of images. 

NOW, thanks to the power of ebay, we found a cheap zip drive and have recovered pics from way back. 

I'll start us off with a few house project pics since that is what started this blog.

we purchased our first home for around $25k via an internet HUD auction for homes they could not get rid of.  it was in bad bad condition, needed new everything, just how I like it.

our first home!  ours is the one with the steps of death leading up from our volvo 164e with my mother's 1976 bmw 2002 parked behind.

the original rail was falling down.  I made something new myself.  I think that rail has since been replaced and that makes me a bit sad.

in two months we gutted and rebuilt the home, new plumbing and electrical, walls were removed or moved, it was a major transformation.  you just can't work that fast with inspectors getting in the way. 

original bathroom.

gutted, even the floor and ceiling below.

two months later!  we moved into this house six weeks after we bought it.  things had to move fast.  I was way ahead of the vessel sink craze.  mine was a mixing bowl from costco that I took to a machine shop to make a hole for the drain.

now for a few fun family pix.

that little baby is now nine years old and stuck inside a virtual world called, animal crossing.  it seems like we are constantly asking her to save and close.  we get responses that include phrases "I'm at a birthday party and have to give static his present" and "I just caught a fish and I need to put him in the musem".  one evening I had to see what was happening at static's party.  we gave him some sunglasses as a present.  he was very polite and appreciative.  he said "thanks for the shades".

I don't think my daughter has seen the matrix.  but, there is something wrong when virtual reality is more appealing than actual reality.  I shouldn't have to tell anybody to turn their game off, besides I'm having too much fun on portal.   the kids and I got to level 15 before we started to look for hints on the internet.  OK, time for me to push away from the computer and get these kids in the pool.  I'll leave you with a few more fun pics from the past.

yes, we like hooters and there is nothing wrong with that.

just look at those eyes!

cold beer and fat chicks

my friend chef craig and I were looking for good deeds to gain merit patches to attain an eagle patch.  we figured some of those fat chicks might need help crossing the road.  turns out they did not need our help.  the beer was cold and the chicks were PO'd at the manager for putting that sign up.  I recall one asked craig, "do I look fat?".  to which craig replied, "huh-huh, you could stand to lose a few pounds".

I suppose if the manager had issued an accurate description of the chicks inside he could have filled the sign with pejorative terms.  they got off easy with the simple appeal of cold beer. we never did get our eagle badges.

oh, just one more of craig and beer.

craig's homage to pbr

the pbr





I thought it was right on Falls Rd across from the MDSPCA! Unfortunately I haven't been to Sherrie's show bar. Maybe will have to make a trip?

yes, that is baltimore. falls rd right near the exit ramp from 183 (I think it was) in hampden.

or was it sherrie's show bar that you know? the only place that was seedier than than the block.

Where was your first house pictured above? It looks like a place in Baltimore that I know...

Wow, great pics! The vessel sink is quite nice. Portal is an incredibly addictive game and the humor is unique. I hope you enjoy the cake. Have you tried Team Fortress 2 yet?

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