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Stubb’s BBQ Strum music school show 2012

stubb's bbq strum music school austin recital 2012 

#1 son has been taking guitar lessons for less than a year. his playing really started to improve after about 6 months. we agreed to let him perform for the school’s show at stubb’s bbq. I had enjoyed his practice sessions at home. when he played with the band (drums and backup guitar) I was very excited. they sounded great! his playing seemed to improve with the drummer keeping a faster tempo. 

snark guitar tuner 

he practiced, tuned and retuned his guitar while he waited for his turn.  his new snark tuner makes tuning fast and easy.  and here it is!


it was great seeing all the students getting some stage time.  and the bbq was good. I enjoyed a caesar salad with brisket.

strum music school austin texas stubb's bbq recital

in other news:

wasabi pank crusted salmon

best meal we had this past week was at home.  I marinated the salmon in a wasabi aoli (fancy word for mayonaise) then crusted it with panko and pecan.  oven roasted brussel sprouts, cilantro-lime butter rice and a salad with carrot juice and ginger dressing. 

volunteer pumpkins are turning orange in may

my dreams of volunteer jackolanterns are fading, it's not yet June and they've already turned orange...

brent's tree service

we hired a tree service to "raise the canopy" and clean up the lot.  the yard is SO much larger, even the house looks better. 

9 yo guitar artist at stubb's bbq

stubb's straw austin


dancing baby steals the show

classic rock at stubb's

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