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hooping it up at eeyore's birthday party 2012 (pease park)

it seems that more people came out than ever before to wish eeyore a happy birthday day.  we had planned to get costumes organized and get #1 son a potato sack so he could practice for the sack race...  well, they didn't have sack races this year and kat worked a slew of late nights this week and we did well enough just making it to the event.

vintage van econoline hubcaps 1965

1965 ford econoline hubcaps make nice drums and hats at the same time. 

maypole at eeyore's 2012 may pole

donkey eeyore at austin pease park 2012

#2 son has a handle on this birthday thing, he is so ready for his next birthday.  talks about it constantly.  so we had talked up eeyore's birthday.  he asked "where is eeyore".  I think he was calling our bluff.  but when we took him to see the real donkey he quickly clammed up and backed away.  #1 son was more comfortable wishing eeyore a happy birthday

eeyore donkey birthday party pease park austin 2012

kids games eeyore's birthday 2012

throw the sack games...

bean bag toss eeyore's

the most fun part of eeyore's.... the people watching.  we camped under a tree, enjoyed some best wurst, kat got her giant smoked turkey leg, and some saint arnold's.  it was a very relaxing way to spend the afternoon.

giant smoked turkey leg eeyore's birthday austin 2012

body paint girl eeyore's 2012

lots of girls wearing body paint.

high-phone eeyore's 2012

dogs at eeyore's 2012

we like to party guys at eeyore's 2012

popped balloon boob at eeyore's 2012

tigger and rabbit eeyore's birthday costume contest 2012

eeyore's birthday drum circle 2012

kids at the drum circle beat 1965 ford econoline hubcaps at eeyore's birthday 2012

drum circle small at eeyore's 2012

we found a field of hula-hoops as we walked out of pease park and much hooping did ensue..

hulahoop at eeyore's 2012

hula hoop fun at eeyore's 2012

dual hula hooping it up at eeyore's birthday party austin texas 2012

kids with hula hoops eeyore's birthday 2012 austin pease park

austin hula hoop kids

we had a quick stop at kat's office (more work) and then we had a very refreshing dinner at imperia. 

imperia ultra lounge austin asian food

sat at our usual booth and made our selves at home.

chop sticks fail imperia austin sushi

chop sticks are not so easy without his helper but he tried...

sushi finger food imperia austin

easier to eat sushi with fingers.

casual asian dining at imperia austin

sit on the floor, stand, lay down and eat.... whatever it takes.  we took it casually. 

food on his face at imperia austin

yes, he got food on his nose.  because he eats like this...

eating rice and edamame like a dog at imperia


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