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the weekend after the turkey...

I know many people enjoy the holiday weekend watching football and relaxing.  we had work to do.  kat wants her '72 bmw 2002 back and I just can't get it done by myself. 

 1972 bmw 2002 polaris

I'd spent small chunks of time removing what I could, trim, bumpers etc.

stripping the paint from a vintage bmw 2002

I needed a block of time to sand and prime the steel before it started to rust.  a few hours a day would've taken me a long time.  once we had bare steel, it is a race to get the primer on.  we sanded half a car per day (took two days for the two of us to strip it down to bare metal)

bare metal paint job vintage bmw 2002 1972

bare steel!

vintage bmw prepped for paint

and by sunday afternoon we had the primer sprayed. 

vintage bmw 2002 primer

enjoying turkey leftovers

kat did get to enjoy her turkey leftovers for lunch friday and saturday.  I enjoyed the dressing.  I start making the stock a week before the holiday and I collect many baguettes etc to make the bread crumbs/chunks myself.  I used about a lb of fresh shitake mushrooms, golden raisins and bartlet pear and a bit of duck prosciutto.  the earthiness of the mushrooms, richness of the stock soaked bread and brightness of the fruit is a real pleasure to eat.  YUM!  my favorite part of thanksgiving. 

dim sum daikon radish cake law bok gow

we finally made a successful chinese radish cake!  it was delicious!  we substituted fresh shitake for dried and used a bit of the duck prosciutto.

also called law bock gow.  recipes vary greatly so we improvised.  here is a link for an example of the work involved

sunday morning at higland lanes bowling austin

kat wants us to start bowling.  sunday morning at highland lanes is our new routine.  they have a deal from 7AM-noon, $7 all you can bowl includes shoe rental.  and since I have my own ball (and my name is Wes when I use it)... we roll.

bowling austin

paul schuster bowling

my ball has only two holes, is 16 lb but I'm gonna make it work.  or wes will... I bowled an 86, that is an improvement.

highland lanes austin bowling alley

sunday was cold and windy, we enjoyed a cheap ($18) lunch at new oriental market, a korean cafeteria and grocery.

new oriental market scallion kimchi  pancake

so far, the kimchi and scallion pancake (top) is our favorite item they offer, $8.  the other two dishes are $5 each, including tax and each comes with soup that was hot, spicy and sour. 

leftover thanksgiving wine

we enjoyed the leftover thanksgiving wine sunday eve with indian food.  the 2008 Portal (pronounced poor-tall) spanish wine was showing better on sunday than on thursday.  this wine benefits greatly from a lengthy breathing period or decanting.  learned something new!

blutrack arrives at austin modhouse amh

we had ordred this 18 ft double lane diecast-car racing track for thanksgiving.  we thought it would be fun to race while the turkey fried...  it didn't show up on time.  after ten days in transit, it arrived saturday.  we ran out and each bought a hotwheels car.  sunday eve we raced!

blutrack hotwheels racing diecast cars

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