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in lieu of christmas cards....

we always have the best intentions of sending out holiday cards, and usually fail to get it done.  so once a year, we supply crawfish instead.  the second annual AMH crawfish boil.

louisiana mud bugs

and I get a real louisiana outdoorsman to cook 'em up.

not really richard petty


and a mixologist to use some of the mint taking over the back yard.

cooked up 62 lb this year.  everybody had their chance to get as many bugs and they wanted.

we threw in some green beans, mushrooms, corn and taters as well.

art sale

the kids seem to observe the casual gatherings as opportunity to make some $.  they made all sorts of bookmarks and waited till everybody was good and happy before they came through the screen room hawking their goods.  I heard they raised $16, split it amongst 5 kids.

treachery of others

baird wore a hot off the presses Treachery of Other shirt.  I hear they have a gig on june 11th at the carousel lounge, wanna go?

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