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down for maintenance (common cold)

not much going on due to feeling less than 100%.

however, we had temps in the mid 70's yesterday and it did not suck one little bit.  opened the pool and decided to just drain it and start over.  hoping for a swim in april.

texas spring weather in february

the baby had attacked the red couch and chair in the upstairs living room with pen and marker.  we were happy that it came off with a little elbow grease.  this set was purchased on sale for this reason.  not exactlty heirloom quality furniture but it is serving its purpose.

pretzel party round three, they were good.  but not as good as attempt #2. 

pretzel mania

we are still mastering the technique.  we just need to nail down the variables.

she will some day fill my shoes

the future AMH photographer using her camera.

fifth grade cotillion of 2010 is complete.  she is growing up at an alarming rate.  I am thankful that her #1 interest remains pokemon.  she does love the dancing as well.

they got the kids from her school to do a group pose.

boys being boys.


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