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day two, 14 hours of space #83

it was a bit chilly, the chopping and burning of a pallet got things warmed up at space #83.  we started setting up around 9 AM.

vodka in gelatin form

natalie (jello-shot girl) came by with a few hundred of these...

mardi gras jello shots

your humble narrator

they closed the street down at 3:30.  this is when the tension starts to mount.

fun with silly string


DJ Powlcat

DJ Powlcat was pounding out the beats from his hybrid vintage stereo/ipod soundsystem.  the people who occupy spaces 80, 81, 84 and 85 have given up on expectations of a calm and quiet event.  they either join in or sit back.  the momentum of space 83 can't be derailed at this point.

as the sun starts to set, people start to pour in from all directions.

then it gets dark, the sound system is at maximum

dj powlcat

the pic above was inspired by all I've managed to learn by reading another blog, the strobist and I have posted it in a larger version to my photography site

starting to get crowded and just a bit rowdy.

the smaller kids are put up on custom made devices to increase their bead catching ability

after about 30 minutes into the parade, he said "get me down, I think I have enough beads".  we went and warmed up by the fire

most everybody clears out soon as the parade is over.  but as we were among the first to arrive along the parade route, we are always the last to leave.

we usually stay until the police come by and tell us to pack it up and move it out, but they sent the fire department this year.  they arrived with a hose.

that was some column of steam.

the firemen were a bit confused.  I don't think they expected us to be so festive about them extinguishing our fire.



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