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the 48 hr cocktail party, or as they say in louisiana "the weekend"

tres amigos 

we had friends from louisiana in town for the three day weekend.  took them to austin's east side for some mexican food and to introduce the louisiana crew to micheladas.  fit like a glove.

had a few people over for a cocktail or three.

one benefit of having so many talented friends, party guests end up jamming for the fun of it.  great entertainment.

getting prepared for karaoke.

looks like a little dancing too....

breakfast beer

the next day....  turns out they like the michelada also known as "breakfast beer"

I got the studio strobe out and waited for people to walk by.  a real slice of life sort of portrait.

we steam cleaned the floor twice to remove stickiness that resulted from glass containers meeting the unforgiving concrete floor.  kat also cleaned the new FLOR on the stairs.  then we went to hippie church, it was sunday.

mexican martini at maria's taco xpress

on the table

under the table

kids table

mexican martini cocktail time.

just a sign of the times, everybody has a camera just about everyplace.  bend over and be prepared for somebody to start taking pics.

then we tried a new place, red's porch.  I've heard this place described as the Oasis without the drive out to the lake.  has a great view to the west for taking in sunsets and vistas of the green belt and barton creek.  but on this day there was a football game on, and loudly.  throngs of people put their backs to the view and stared at lcd TVs.  one of which was right over my head.... (sigh).  I've become annoyed with restaurants that don't offer TV free seating areas.  I can stay home and look at a TV.

the beer was good.


more fun with photography back at AMH.


pic above was taken in 1989, below is 2010 (three out of four are the same, big john is still in shreveport so my friend jason acted as his stand in, about the same height)


years ago I had an idea for a regular magazine feature that would show bathroom graffiti.  I see the "okie roy + a stick = a stick" written in bathrooms all over south austin. 


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