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25 degrees out and off-grid winter event

we decided it was time to actually celebrate the dry in portion of our wimberley project.  I had worked all day wednesday, thursday (in the snow) and friday.  often in cold and breezy conditions.

saturday was a day for fun (not work) in wimberley.  our first stop was market day

wimberley market days kettle corn

kettle corn being made.

kettle corn being consumed. 

no market day would be complete without a stop at the marble store.

kat is assembling the black friday-home depot purchased heat source.


most of the hardie siding is up on blue cabin.  blue cabin was made larger and will have two rooms.

roaring fire in the truck brake drum/fire pit.

wimberley high school marching band

the square in downtown wimberley was hosting a winter celebration.  some great food, wine, santa claus and the wimberley high school marching band too!

wimberley santa

she asked for a "nikon camera"

he rattled off about four items related to pokemon/nintendo and bakugon.

I found a 41k BTU patio heater for $99 on black friday.  this was able to offset the 25 degree farenheiht temps.

campfire kids

kids love to play in the fire.

the baby was all warm in my lap... he kept me warm too.  kat, the three kids and I stayed the night in the small (very well insulated) cabin and did stay warm despite the 25 degree temp outside.

friday had been the daughter's turn to be the school tv station anchor.  they earned a wacky friday so the morning news included costumes and crazy dances.

eanes knbc

friday evening had us at an art event for our friend caroline wright

the event was hosted by toquigny.  definitely some of the nicest office space I've seen.  and the drink provided by dripping springs vodka did not disappoint.  dripping springs is about halfway between austin and wimberley.  I have been driving through DS several times a week lately.

the drip and the line

the art between kat and caroline will be making it's new home here at AMH.

from the 17th floor

the frost bank building was the tallest building in austin when we moved here.  not so any more.  a new building; the austonian, is near completion and claims to be the tallest residential building in texas


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