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July 27, 2009

my little melon


I spotted this from the master bath balcony the other morning.  we raced down to collect our prize. 

the deer had eaten the vine and likely stunted it's growth.  still, a watermelon from our yard!  we didn't even know it was out there.  didn't have much taste and lots of seeds.

unplugged at shady grove, austin

temps had come down substantially and made for a comfortable evening at shady grove for unplugged at the grove, their free summer concert series

I have grown tired of the nintendo addiction.  what was once an item of convenience is now a substitute for all things in the real world.  time to apply limits.

fastball played a nice set but volumes were low.  the band did make it clear how they felt about the city of austin's noise ordinance.  a real dampener to the "live music capital of the world".

climbs, he does.

pic above is the current state of our zoysia, below was how it looked fresh off the pallet.  we found that the zoysia does not do well under the texas sun.  it only seems to stay green along the edges, and around rocks or in the shade. 


paver form

we decided to make a series of pavers that loosely mimic the shape of our kitchen island.  my goal is to make two per day (made two forms). 

kayaking town lake/lady bird austin

a quick afternoon kayak trip around red bud island, just down the street from AMH.

red bud island baby

this was his first RBI trip.  I think he enjoyed it.

party on red bud island

we kayak from the island to a shady spot on the other side.  there is usually a bit of a party going happening at the southern tip of the island.  lots of beer drinkin', smokin', music, bikinis etc.   


we observed these girls practicing their cliff diving.

I read that red bud island may be joined with the hike and bike trail at some point in the future.


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July 20, 2009

was it a quiet week?

looking back on the week in pictures, not much to show for it.  we did go see toni price friday afternoon and enjoyed free rudy's and blue bell ice cream....  did go to experience german food/beer at scholz garten....  I did some realtor work and listed the daughter's old electric guitar on ebay.  there were no real highlights, but an all around decent time was had.

yellow and black finch

this time of year, our back yard is cluttered with wild sunflowers.  these attract many finch that mimic their yellow and black color theme.  we also get many cardinals and blue jays in the yard.  I'm sure a real birdwatcher could spend hours each morning identifying the fowl variety.

chevre noir

I hosted an open house for a listing I have in Cedar Park.  I am not a believer in the open house format; although we did find a buyer for our home back in santa cruz at an impromptu open house I hosted.  I feel that open house mostly benefits the nosy neighbor.  regardless, somebody supplied wine and cheese as an added draw.  we had a nosy neighbor stop in and the rest of the two hours was mostly taken up by us consuming the wine and cheese for lunch.  so it was not a waste.

spaten fountain

we had enjoyed a pitcher of spaten premium at scholz and it inspired our friends to acquire some on a slightly larger scale to accompany the greek food dinner.

rock camp girl rocker

this morning was the first day of rock camp.  live gig will be saturday august 1st at Antones.


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July 14, 2009

time to move on... tii seeks new owner

for years I searched for the perfect round tail light tii, preferably fjord blue with a sunroof.  I had fixed up and sold several and eventually found what I had spent countless hours seeking. 

we then proudly attended vintage BMW meets all over the west coast and then we drove this tii across the desert to our new home in austin.  the custom modern construction period of our lives was very time consuming and costly.  I couldn't keep up all these vintage cars AND offer all my time to the new home project.  the end result is that we love our home but now this car mostly sits.  it needs an owner who will give it more attention than we can offer it.

 fjord tii

at great expense we had the BMW factory air conditioning mated to a light and efficient japanese compressor.  I wish I could tell you it blows cold, it should, it needs attention. 

we recently installed a brand new clutch, all new MFI linkages etc etc.  but the seats need reupholstering and the paint could use a touch up here and there along w/ the driver's fender (bumper sliced the fender like a can opener in a parking lot mishap). 

I would not hesitate to drive this car coast to coast, the mechanicals are great and the only modification would be the crane electronic ignition. 

we have all receipts from they day it was purchased new in Germany, including window sticker and bill of sale.  numbers matching engine, all original MFI and the extremely rare F.P.S. alloy wheels with new tires.  has the original nose, new exhaust, no snorkle hole. 

call 512-587-7310

please don't call and expect that this car can be purchased for anything less than 10k.  edmunds lists the value of this car in show condition at 21k, 15.5k for excelent.  link below for more photos. this car was serviced by 2002 restorations in eugene oregon prior to my owning it. I used motorspeed west in santa clara and then terry sayther here in austin.



1973 bmw 2002tii for sale

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July 12, 2009

Spoon full of art with a side of eats and drinks


mig welding

we had some shade cloth stapled up to cut down on the heat.  it was a temporary solution and it looked temporary.  to fix this I used the mig welder to attach some small metal L pieces and then welded on sections of 3/8 inch solid rod.  I only welded one end of each rod and the other side rests in a bracket (made of two L pieces making a U). gravity keeps the rod in place but I can still pop it up and out if I need to remove the curtains. 

a piece of advice for all you future welders out there, I recommend you not weld in T-shirt, shorts, flip flops and no scalp protection.  OUCHIE!

thanks to my mom for hemming the shade cloth and thanks to Hill Country Awning and Shade for installing the grommets at a great price.

each section of cloth was $25, grommets and installation set me back $20 ($1 per), bought a pack of carabiners on ebay for $10, and the 20 ft solid steel rod was $8.  total cost was $138! 

the heat reduction is phenomenal and I'm happy with the look. 

the guy at the pool chemistry store said it was time for us to dump our pool water and start over.  then I overfilled it.

kids riding their boogie boards in the brand new crystal clear water.


we attended a reception at Lambert's for our friend caroline wright.  kat really liked the hanger steak and we also had the chick peas.  the belgian beer with slice of lemon was a nice way to cool down from the heat outside. 

I have a special envelope where I stash a few bills away every once in a while to eventually purchase a piece from caroline.  I especially like her migration series.

another friday afternoon at red bud island.

rope swing

it may be triple digits hot outside, but you won't hear any complaints around here.

walk the limb over ladybird johnson lake

some guy always has to come along and show up the rope swingers.  he climbed up above where the rope attaches and walked out on the limb before making the leap.  he clearly does not share my fear of heights/death.

mud balls

kids made clay (mud) balls.

club de ville

I can recommend the club de ville.  another great mexican martini down the pie hole.  bartender threw in a splash of olive juice as well as, a dirty variation.

spoon at stubb's bbq

we saw Spoon at Stubb's bbq; the link is for a short clip shot with my cheap compact kodak camera that does HD video.  it does a decent job but I don't care for how it looses focus while zoom is used.

bartender Dianna at stubb's mixed us a great top shelf margarita, and a special thanks is due to Tim for he had ibuprofen to help my wife's shoulder when it started to ache.

I ran into the spoon front man after the show at Casino El Camino

casino el camino

met some people at the casino el camino who said they came there after seeing it on tripple D (diner's, drive-ins and dives; episode #404  you can watch a video of it here).  that burger was every bit as good as I've heard.  worth seeking it out if you have not already done so.

the back 40 at rudy's

I don't eat much bbq, but that brisket at rudy's (360 location) is the best!  they have a huge back yard where the kids get to run free.

(maybe I need to hold the camera level next time).  hopper (the frog we have been caring for) had his humans return after three weeks in Greece. 

geico caveman

 saturday night we enjoyed more art and entertainment at bay6 studios.  our friend alec drummond has a great series based on the views of other motorists and commuters as seen from the vantage point of a motorist/commuter.  a fun snapshot of transportation as known by our generation.  I wonder how this work will be viewed by future generations, will commuting and transportation evolve from it's current mess?

live music at bay6 gallery was provided by THE TREACHERY OF OTHERS.

one man band Gerald Friend, was found performing outside the bay6 gallery.  his performance was great fun.


sunday morning at a local park.

corn cup from lift

after a morning at the park, riding bikes etc., we had an urge for some healthy sandwiches.  this led us to Lift.  although we almost went to defresh mode (with a name like that and being housed in an airstream I have to eventually try it). 

we noticed our elvis smoothie came in a biodegradeable corn cup.  the specs on it mention "for commercial composting".  we figured we'd throw it in our home composter to see what happens.

home grown tomatoes and basil

enjoying tomato and basil from our garden last night.  we had a bunch of tomato ripen while we were away at the beach last week, most spoiled.  currently awaiting a new batch to grow.

for the local live music folks, Toni Price will be performing for free this fridat at 6 pm at the Bob Bullock Museum music under the stars series.



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July 06, 2009

Island speed for the fourth of july (SPI)


we just returned from a few days on south padre island.  despite liberal SPF applications, we are sunburnt.

large panoramic click here

we auditioned three beaches, the isla blanca county beach, the beach in the hotel zone (near wanna wanna) and the public beach access #4 which is further up from the hotels and tourist traps.  the public beach had the least people and shells were everywhere.  it was just a matter of bending down to pick up as many as you could want.  kat scooped a few.

we dug a hole each day and filled it with ocean water so the baby could splash and play with minimal concern.


airstream life pictures

we stayed at the KOA

we still have the old guitar to take along. 

airstream dinner

we have some outdoor cushions and also a mister and fan to help beat the heat.

kat says I look like Ozzie with these sunglasses on, I think that may be an insult mr. Osbourne.

mexican snacks

SPI is just a stones throw from mexico.  I love all the mexican treats we don't get back home.  he LOVED the spiced corn cracker things.

pier 19 south padre island

we finally tried the happy hour at pier 19 (at the koa).  the margaritas were good and the shrimp were fantastic.  my daughter loved the hush puppies (she does not like eating meat).  pier 19 shrimp

south padre island brewing company oysters

we also frequent the happy hour at the padre island brewing company.  erika always takes good care of us.  the brewing co is the favorite island eatery for the AMH kids due to the complimentary beer bread and the yummy pizza.  I enjoy their cheap happy hour oysters (.50 each) and wheat beer ($8 a pitcher).


patriotic rv 4th of july south padre

flags were raised on the white box RVs

fourth of july grill

everybody loves to grill on the fourth.  our new travel grill worked great for fresh shrimp and the kids selected bratwurst (something to do with phineas and ferb, and the daughter doesn't mind meat so much as long as it is in sausage format, bacon is OK too)

spi koa boat launch pier 19

kids and I went down the pier 19 boat launch to watch the fireworks over the bay.

fireworks south padre island SPI

the line along the bottom of these pics is all the cars that were stuck in traffic on the bridge.  at least they got a good view from there.

the drive back was almost 7 hours.  I was thankful to have my pandora station streaming over my iphone.  I was guided by voices!

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