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mardi gras 2009-shreveport entry #1

friday night was the float loading parade.

boys play rough.  lots of fake kicks, punches and faux violence...  it makes us nervous

kids got to get on the floats and see all the crap beads that will be thrown out during the parade.

that is one BIG fire pit


got our regular site along the parade route all set up.  bloody mary helped fight the cold and rain.

troy's old school ride. 

big wind wrecked the neighbors tent city.  some of it broke and went into the trash.

of course, he loves pork cracklin's

the kids love when the street is shut down and they run free.

kat got a bubble generator

my tofu bratwurst

silly string

sidewalk art forum

sun is setting.  almost time for the parade.

lady behind troy had a wireless headset on.  she was on the PA and troy went over and gave her some love and then a little breakdance. 

there was lots of meat for carnivores.  vegetarian me almost didn't make it.  some girls saw I was in a pickle and gave me left over pizza to hold me over till kat brought the tofu dogs.


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