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something unique

over the weekend we found this needle in a haystack. 


this house is built over a ravine on about 2.5 acres.  the setting is very private.  asking price is 650k.  we've looked at smaller lots in this area that are asking higher prices.  I just hope that whoever does purchase it does not remove this structure.  but scraping has become an all too familiar practice in the neighborhood.  I saw the mushroom house as a place where somebody could live while building a larger main house on the property.  note that even the HVAC vents (seen at the top of the pic above), lights and switches are given the same organic look.  no straight lines.

lots of custom woodwork

several levels of decking and an outdoor shower.

is that a cartoonish bird head?

these mushrooms are actually lighting the front entry.

looking down from the top deck to the lower deck that is over the ravine.

saturday was the sustainable shopper's ball at the sunset valley farmer's market 

fun with red okra 

the kids had fun at the austin eco-school booth making lanterns out of recycled jars.  while the kids were occupied with that, kat and I checked out the cars.

austin EV had several electric vehicles on display.  some were OEM and some conversions.  I welded the battery boxes for this rav conversion seen above. 

we liked this red VW ev conversion.  they also had an old ford escort ev conversion that was for sale.  I admire their attempt to recycle an old ugly car, but even as an EV an old ford escort didn't do much for me.   





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