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enough rain

went for a hike down the barton creek greenbelt.  most of the year this is a dry creek.

igor's tile crew is nearing the end of the job.  here the tile goes up a 13 ft tall tower capped with a sky light.

the kids bath is all tiled, matt clear glass tile on the floor

they have started on the master bath.  we will see a variety of tiles (all in shades of blue) covering most of the wall and floor

after much debate, the screen room is going forward again.  it was all disassembled and some adjustments made.  but we did keep the rule of thirds influenced design


this past week was open house night at my daughter's elementary school.  they have had a strong focus on the Eanes family history.  the eanes were pioneers that settled in this area and started the very first school in texas.  the land where her school is located was donated by the eanes family.  as an extra credit project we were to make a covered wagon.  daughter and I came up with this.  my 7 yo daughter did get to put on the welding mask and do one of the welds herself.  when we were asked about our unconventional wagon we replied, "I thought you said Eames wagon" 

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