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racked and ready/ obtainium

steel crew is making serious progress.  this section is now racked and ready to be welded into one solid piece.  I LOVE the cantilevered deck!
OBTAINIUM : fell off a truck
this weekend we were out running some errands and I spot an upside down chair on the side of road near 360 and 290w.  this is a VERY busy highway interchange and no real shoulder.  I shouted "I think that's a starck chair!"  we got off at the next exit and found our way back (this area is complicated so getting back to it involved a few exits, a few sections of access road and a U turn).  and there it was.  a bit scuffed up and maybe it's not a starck chair, but I think it might be a cousin to a starck.  it is a bellini sold by DWR
it had some road rash from falling off a truck.  I was able to sand it smooth and now it's resting in our back yard.  I feel like this chair was there waiting for me to find it.  one more thing to find its way to our new home.
Kat says:
Paul built the cool fence behind the Bellini chair in one afternoon, by himself. Perhaps I should start another blog documenting all the things Paul has done, is doing, and will be doing to make an otherwise ordinary ranch house a very cool place to live.

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