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March 31, 2014

another Tapasitas birthday, another sack race

jump house

#2 son just can't do things the normal way, he insisted on wearing his BDay crown upside down. I don't tell him he can't.

After weeks of debating, he finally settled on having a party here at the house, with a "bounce house". We sent out regular paper invites we made at home the week of the party. We didn't even request any RSVP.

tapasitas austin tapas tx

He has always chose Plucker's for his birthday meal. He surprised us by choosing Tapasitas. But we gladly obliged. They always treat us well there and it's easier/nicer than Plucker's.

birthday presents

Was he excited about his gifts? YES! I think so.

marshmallow bow shooter

original penguin backpack

He also got an Original Penguin backpack for summer travel and camping trips. It matches his luggage. I think he was expecting me to ask him to wear the sunglasses correctly, it didn't bother me.

marshmallow gift

It took us a while to explain that we don't eat marshmallows, they are ammo for the bow.

cash is king, fits just right gift

it's just the right size!

marhsmallow shooter bow and mallow gift tapasitas

give a boy a bow and sack full of ammo, and he will want to use it right away. I had to ask him to stop aiming at the people at the next table.

raw oysters on the half shell happy hour austin tx tapasitas

#1 son enjoyed oysters on the half shell. So much, that we had to order a second round.

tapasitas birthday candle austin tx

Fantastic service and food from Tapasitas, on west 6th near Whole Foods Flagship store.

fogazzo pizza dough at home

The morning of the party, I made three batches of pizza dough (makes 9 dough balls).  #1 son asked if he could learn how to press them out and make the crust (I parbaked them ahead of time). He did a great job. I certainly appreciated the help. 

sack race kindergarteners

We thought it'd be fun to have a sack race, replicate the success from the 4th grade end of year party we hosted last summer. Turns out, kindergarteners are not the same as 4-5th graders. Some tears were shed, but #2 son came in first and he got to choose the prize he wanted really badly, so he was happy...


oh, and this alien came over to enjoy the party as well.   

caramelized onion, saint agur, iberico ham and honey pizza

We enjoyed Pizza well into the night. Paradigm Cab from Oakville made a nice pizza pairing. 

6 consecutive meals, 5 of them were pizza (we even had pizza for breakfast sunday morning). The pie above is Saint Agur cheese, caramelized onion, Iberico ham and a drizzle of honey. 

super archer


March 24, 2014

Spring Cleaning and more Hatdog fun

Kat and I spent the weekend working in the yard (and doing 2013 taxes). We have a one acre lot, mostly overgrown with brush. We continue to clear and our efforts are rewarded with what appears to be a large yard (it's mostly weeds). In the future, we'll ask one of my Landscape Architect friends for some professional help.

west lake hills acre

affinage cheeses of europe party sxsw

Kat sent notice to get the European cheese set out for Happy Hour! She came home early (early for her is any time before 7PM)

eanes elementary friday assembly moment of silence

#1 son played piano for the Friday school assembly moment of silence (video at end of this post)

eanes elementary

#2 son hams it up with friends.

pequin pepper host sauce home made

I came across this bowl of sea salt and crushed pequin peppers I'd stashed in the pantry on 7-23-2013. I made a note to let it ferment at least 6 months. The time has come to unveil!

pequin pepper chili sauce

These peppers grow wild all over our lot. They are tiny, but pack a BIG kick.

pequin pepper vinegar sauce how to

I added the fermented pequin peppers to vinegar. We'll have spicy (SPCIY PICANTE!) Pequin sauce by the end of this week. 

small scale ibanez guitar

#2 son has agreed that he is finally large enough, and old enough to start learning music. He certainly has his pose and facial expressions ready.

little school of rock

abuelo's austin skinny puppy leggings

Prime rib night (and happy hour) Sunday at Abuelo's, one of the most satisfying and cheapest eats in the area.  After spending all day working in the yard, we cleaned up and treated ourselves. Kat looked great in her Skinny Puppy leggings. 

skinny puppy merch tights leggins

She asked the daughter to take a pic with me. 

hatdog headware the festive hot dog hat for all your sausage ceremonies

#1 son looked so dignified, deep in thought, under his hatdog. I explained that it's normally impolite to wear a hat inside a restaurant, but since his headwear IS food themed, we'd include it in our ceremony.


I've been trying to clean out the garage. The original intent was that I'd have a work space in there. Instead, we've allowed it to fill up with things that skirt the fine line between value and junk. 

I'm building storage shelves for all the other stuff (totes mostly). 

I often have "photo-booth" pics laying around. Often left in jacket pockets etc. I scanned a couple leftover from SXSW. I think I'm finally caught up on sleep from SXSW 2014. 

#ketelone #sxsw2014  



March 19, 2014

Sunday March 16th UnOfficial SXSW parties are still happening...

Sunday... I can do it.

We started with a good brunch at Whole Foods. We are near the flagship store. It has at least 6 sit down restaurants inside the store. It's always fun to go, even if it's just for an easy meal out.

whole foods italian noodle bar austin flagship store w. 6th

and this pic inspired "friends" that are hundreds of miles away to comment about us being hungover. We were not. tired? yes, very tired and sore.  #socialmedialessonlearned #facebookmakespeopleassumptive

whole foods flagship store austin italian noodle pizza kiosk

food was good. 

kids at whole foods flagship store restaurant

UnOfficial Brazilian Showcase at Tapasitas

Mente Clara austin tx sxsw 2014 brazilian showcase tapasitas

Mente Clara played at the 6th annual Brazilian Showcase (unofficial sxsw) at Tapasita's

Mente Clara Owen Summers sxsw 2014 tapasita's

Owen Summers (keyboards) is our piano instructor.  #1 son played with members of this band a few weeks back (video below)

peelander z chicken ranch records sxsw 2014 picnic

The boys were really looking forward to seeing Peelander-Z at the Chicken Ranch Records UnOfficial sxsw picnic.

peelander-Z sxsw 2014

mccallum high school samba band with octopus project sxsw 2014

The McCallum High School Samba band on stage with The Octopus Project. I linked a full size pic if any of you samba people want to grab it.

I didn't realize what was going on till I was editing the pic. The guitar player has a broken string and Peelander Yellow is offering him his yellow flying-v guitar to play. 

Gary Numan SXSW 2014

One of the best shows we saw at SXSW 2014: Gary Numan

gary numan sxsw 2014

Gary Numan took the stage like he had something to prove. And here in the US, he sort of does. Many people here only know him from the one song that got radio play, Cars. Mr numan has a vast cataolg and has remained active in music. He came to SXSW and made some lasting impressions. There was a lot of press related to his energetic performance. They sounded great!

gary numan sxsw 2014

gary numan best show at sxsw 2014

Like an animal just released from the cage (the man is 55 years).

gary numan sxsw 2014

gary numan austin sxsw 2014

He twisted, controted, prowled and howled. 

gary numan sxsw 2014 austin texas usa

gary numan usa 2014

gary numan splinter tour usa sxsw 2014

some stomping too.

gary numan water break sxsw 2014

took a brief water break and finished the set.

gary numan sxsw 2014

He pleased the crowd with many old favorites and his new material fit right in.

gary numan wife gemma sxsw 2014 usa


#sxswfromage Make It Magnifique-cheeses of Europe Party 2014

This was a big surprise!

sxswfromage 2014 

There are sorts of products and brands at SXSW begging for your attention with free stuff everywhere. But I don't really want free doritos, monster drink (Ok I did drink one when I needed to keep going) and I don't care for Dorito's or Lady Gaga. BUT! We do like a good sinky cheese!

They offered free wine (1 oz pour) and free buffet featuring cheeses from Europe. They even had cute french girls there to help us navigate the stinky gooey goodness spread before us like a beautiful banquet. Kat was so happy!

sxswfromage cheese of europe at sxsw 2014

We sampled them all! some more than once. Roquefort on toast with honey drizzled over? sure! again? ok!

sxswfromage camambert cups sxsw 2014 cheeses of europe party

They served us melted Camambert in cups with fresh veggies for dipping, or you can just DRINK the melted Camembert. SXSW certainly can be about over indulgence! We drank Camembert cheese from Normandy France!

#sxswfromage live cheese carving by KRAI sxsw cheese of europe 2014

They even had KRAI (the worlds only cheese sculptor) do a live cheese sculpting performance...

Kat noticed insulated canvas travel bags lined up on the wall. One of the servers gave her one and offered to let her buy cheese, at a discount. Of course she did!

affinage cheese shop sxsw 2014 sxswfromage


They were so happy to serve us, they even filmed kat making her fromage purchase from Affinage

I think this was Kat's favorite SXSW party.


Saturday March 15th, SXSW 2014- music Gary Numan, Wilderness of Manitoba, Bright Light Social Hour

I managed to wake up and get out of bed, again. OMG how can SXSW NOT be over? I was in a bit of a fog, literally, it was foggy out.

foggy austin morning sxsw 2014

I had aches all over my body. I managed to pull myself together, again.

I may have offended my friends, but Kat still loved me.

austin landmark jo's coffee i love you so much

snack bar austin sxsw 2014

We had a fantastic brunch at the Snack Bar, restorative properties were ingested and applied right away. Our friends arrived, I said I was sorry for the night before, and we watched other friends perform their set for SXSW 2014

The Fun Part:

The Fun Part Bill Baldwin sxsw 2014

The Fun Part Austin Joy Baldwin

Then we took off, on foot. We'd managed a free parking spot near the Continental Club. Figured it'd be easier to walk a few miles to our next show than to try and find parking closer (not easy to find and likely costs $25)

crossing the congress street bridge sxsw 2014

We crossed the Congress Street bridge.

2nd brunch at 2nd bar+kitchen austin sxsw 2014

That was enough walking. We stopped for brunch #2.

they do serve water at the 2nd bar+kitchen

drinking lots of water when we can find it.

The Wilderness of Manitoba sxsw 2014 canada house

Stopped by Canada House and caught The Wilderness of Manitoba. They closed their set with a real burst of energy!

Saturday had lots of free swag (earplugs and such) at the Canada House, but no more free drinks (probably a good thing at this point). We DID find this laying on the bar at the Canada House...

sxsw cheeses of europe make it magnifique 2014

The SXSWFROMAGE party was an unexpected treat. Kat said it was her favorite part of SXSW 2014! (more pics on separate post)

urge overkill at jackelope sxsw 2014

We ducked into the Jackelope to catch Urge Overkill, but we opted to find seats where we couldn't actually SEE the show. It was plenty loud enough from where we were. We were starting to drag a bit.

Gary Numan sxsw 2014


Bright Light Social Hour

We stood in line to see Bright Light Social Hour. Many young people from out of town brought many tobacco smokers to town. Kat started to feel ill as we waited in line from the second hand smoke. Siner's Saloon was PACKED and BRSH had the whole house jumping along.  but we were at the end of our day... had a few miles to walk back. This was the end of our (official) SXSW 2014

crossing the congress st bridge sxsw 2014

bmw e30 convertible sxsw 2014

Weather was nice, we dropped the top and drove to meet my mom and the kids for dinner, as I usually try to do for sxsw. We posted this pic to FB and some people wrongly assumed we'd been drinking all day, shouldn't be driving, and some people assumed we were hung over the next morning... the truth was, that over a period of over 7 hours, I think Kat had maybe two drinks? and us boys had a few beers throughout the day, but long before driving and that way before walking several miles back to where we parked in south austin. 

next year, I won't try to do as much. I'll try to balance more time with my family and not attempt two days in a row or trying to do a night and day together. Instead of trying to see as many bands as possible, I'll concentrate on a few. 

a few lessons were learned: #sharetoomuchonsocialmedia #peopleassumetoomuch #donttellyourfriendstofuckoff #whatisfunnytomemaynotbefunnytoyou #postlessbeerpicsonfb

March 18, 2014

Friday March 14th SXSW 2014, Meltdown day.

remembered to grab the camera, forgot to grab the battery from the charger, all this sxsw is starting to wear me down. how can there be more? (more crappy phone pics)

pandora party sxsw 2014

We were first in line for the Pandora Discovery Den party.

mowgli's sxsw 2014 pandora

The Mowgli's

sxsw pandora security fight 2014

We noticed this guy dancing, on the outside of the venue fence, accessible only by the ditch. Security didn't like it, at all! But they couldn't get to him. They eventually did crawl down the ditch and back up. But this dancing guy wasn't having any of their stop nonsense. He just kept dancing and trying to avoid their grasp. It took three guys to eventually pin him down. but why?

sxsw sweat and shake 2014

Swear and Shake

Calvin Love Canada house sxsw 2014

Calvin Love

sons of fathers shiner's saloon sxsw 2014

Sons of Fathers really rocked the Shiner Saloon

Jess Williamson sxsw 2014 shiner's saloon

Jess Williamson

wild child sxsw 2014 shiner's saloon

Wild Child

Danny Malone SXSW 2014 Shiner's saloon

Danny Malone

SXSW is not a traditional music festival, where access is mostly equal and shows happen in a central location. SXSW events can be miles apart from each other and often require RSVP week in advance and/or standing in line.  I make lists of potential shows and bands I might be able to catch, pages of info for each day.

and on this day, I had a group of friends come in town "show us the fun stuff". but they hadn't rsvp'd, didn't want to wait in a line and night parties are really hard to get into w/o a badge...

Then I was issued a lecture, something I posted to FB was deemed inappropriate (I realize I post innappropriate things, but I'm always happy to delete, my sense of acceptable behavior may not be the same as others, I'm not trying to be normal) anyhow... I might have been a bit frazzled and stressed out at this point of SXSW, the last two days had been exceptionally long and hard. THEN, I was mocked for it being my birthday...  I QUICKLY decided I'd rather spend dinner with my wife. So I pulled a Cartman,. I stormed out in a big huf, walked from Rainey St to W. 6th, where my wife met me at Tapasita's

(I did appologize to everybody the next morning)

tapasita's saved my day sxsw 2014

It really was my birthday and Tapasita's treated us well, as they always have. We really appreciated their effort to make it a special evening for me. 

Thursday March 13th, 2014 SXSW Music day two

I ran out of the house w/o my camera. iPhone pics is all I have to show for my day/night.

it all started at the GSD&M Bloody Mary Brunch. Free breakfast tacos and free Tito's Bloody Mary's... THIS is why I do day parties. not a big crowd, great music and it's all free.

Grace London sxsw 2014

Grace London

the silver palms sxsw 2014

The Silver Palms (they listen to a lot of the stooges)

james fitz sxsw 2014? from nashville

I thought they said this was James Fitz?, from Nashville. He was a surprise act, not listed on the schedule...

PHOX sxsw 2014

you probably already know I love PHOX.

Monica PHOX sxsw 2014

I was glad to see Monica again. She assured me "Paul, I'm sure I'll see you at least eight more times this SXSW". But that didn't get to happen this year. This was the only PHOX show I was able to stumble across.

melissa etheridge

Melissa Etheridge! I wasn't really a fan before, but she put on a great show. She talked to the crowd and told us stories. I like her.  She was good to us.

melissa etheridge sxsw 2014

in the valley below sxsw green room applauze

In The Valley Below at the Applauze Green Room

in the valley below applauze green room sxsw 2014

and then we made it all the way to the Under The Radar party , on foot we knew better than to drive. 

under the radar sxsw 2014 small black

Small Black

sxsw 2014 under the radar small black

mary onettes sxsw under the radar 2014

under the radar sxsw 2014 we were promised jetpacks

The Mary Onettes (clever name!) from sweden

under the radar sxsw 2014 we were promised jetpacks

yeah, we really get THAT CLOSE! LOVE the day parties.

we were promised jetpacks sxsw 2014 under the radar


we were promised jetpacks sxsw 2014 under the radar

then we took off again.... one foot in front of the other...  miles to cover.

tx state capital walking tour

brief photo reinactment from 20+ years ago in DC

brass bed sxsw 2014 tequila mockingbird

Brass Bed, missed their set but had my pic taken with this guy. Kat noticed we have some similarities... he looked at me and said "people are gonna think we're related." You should check out their tiny desk concert over at NPR

defibulators sxsw 2014 tequila mockingbird

The Defibulators at the Tequila Mockingbird Back yard bash (free beer and BBQ)

defibulators sxsw 2014 tequila mockingbird back yard bash

hole in the wall sxsw 2014 dad jim

We got some food and saw "Dad-Jim" at the Hole in the Wall, and asked a friend to drive us home. 

Haley Bonar, The Autumn Defense, The Pains of Being Pure of Heart, EMA... sxsw wed 3-13-2014

Wednesday March 13, 2014: the first official day of the SXSW Music Festival. The previous week was Film+Interactive SXSW. It all sort of blends in together.

haley bonar sxsw 2014 blurt

Haley Bonar

sxsw 2014 blurt dogfish head haley bonar

The Autumn Defense SXSW 2014 blurt magazine

The Autumn Defense

the autumn defense sxsw 2014 ginger man

the autumn defense sxsw 2014

autumn defense sxsw 2014

the pains of being pure at heart sxsw 2014 under the radar


the pains of being pure at heart sxsw 2014

EMA sxsw 2014 under the radar


EMA sxsw 2014 under the radar magazine party

EMA sxsw 2014 under the radar magazine party

sxsw decompression at parkside

we sought brief refuge at Parkside, then a quick BEST WURST and I went home. Doing good at pacing myself, so far on my 6th day of SXSW.

sxsw 2014 best wurst

March 17, 2014

Dulce Vida Tequila Barreled 2- Sons of Fathers, A Tom Collins, The Epilogues

sons of fathers dulce vida organic tequila sxsw 2014 barreled 2

The Sons of Fathers played the Dulce Vida Barreled 2 event, also last year. I also saw these guys at Shiner's Saloon for sxsw 2014 and they really knocked it out of the park at that show. The Barreled event was not that rowdy.

sons of fathers dulce vida barreled 2

A Tom Collins sxsw 2014 dulce vida organic tequila barreled 2 party

A Tom Collins was awesome, really liked their music (sounds like they were inspired by early Tom Waits)

A Tom Collins sxsw 2014 barreled 2 dulce vida

A Tom Collins sxsw 2014 dulce vida barreled 2

A Tom Collins Dulce Vida tequila barreled 2 sxsw 2014

dulce vida barreled 2 sxsw 2014

The Epilogues

seedling food truck by royal fig austin sxsw dulce vida organic tequila barreled 2

They had several food trucks offering eats. We've always enjoyed that Short Rib Grilled Cheese with Pepper Jam from the Seedling. Kat loves their shiitake mushroom soup. 

short rib grilled cheese with pepper jam from seedling food truck by royal fig

mushroom soup from seedling food truck dulce vida sxsw 2014 barreled 2

Thanks again to Ducle Vida!

SilverCar rooftop SXSW party

SXSW tech week has all sorts of free parties, often hosted by startups. Some have bands, some have rooftop views. 

silvercar rooftop party sxsw

The Silvercar Rooftop party had a great view, free drinks from Deep Eddy and Dulce Vida as well as free food (I enjoyed the shrimp).

silvercar rooftop sxsw 2014

silver car sxsw rooftop party 2014

deep eddy vodka girl sxsw 2014


La V, new fine dining French Restaurant in Austin

We all need to eat, we took a break from SXSW and dined at La V.

dining room of La V french restaurant austin

This is easily one of the most beautiful rooms you could dine in near Austin. It's on the East side, next to Takoba, and they have complementary valet.

La V Fine Dining Austin TX


La V french food austin

Farm egg & mushroom raviolo, consommé ($13) and the Wood oven bouillabaisse, squid, clams, blue prawn, rouille ($29) -both amazing. 

wood oven boillabaisse La V austin french food

basil escargot austin french food La V restaurant

We couldn't figure out the escargot. We debated the odd, almost bitter taste not usually found with the snails. I thought it might be cumin, mace was also suggested. We quized (harrassed) our very patient server and she revealed curry powder (probably had all the spices we were considering). Not sure how curry powder got on the French escargot... this did not work for us.

pastry chef janina o'leary La V austin

The highlight of the meal.... Janina O'Leary! I'm not really into sweets, but as a great pastry chef should, her offerings draw from a wider palate than sugar alone. 

Janina O'Leary La V pastry chef austin tx

chocolate delice: laV earl grey ice cream, cocoa nib ($9) 
warm brioche doughnuts: vanilla bean pastry cream, berry jam ($9)

Janina O'Leary pastry chef austin La V fresh fried donuts brioche doughnuts

La V restaurant austin french fine dining

La V austin restaurant

The wine list was a poor fit for me. They DO have an impressive collection with some real valuable gems in there. I'll admit I don't know a lot about French wine. BUT! I did bring a French wine collecting friend along to help navigate the list. 

His reaction was priceless, "WOW! that bottle I brought to your house for dinner a couple weeks ago? According to this list, it’s worth $3200! We had a $3200 bottle of wine with that cassoulet you made. I have three more of those bottles at home! THAT'S ALMOST TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS OF WINE!"

We struggled to find a bottle under $200. I even requested the sommelier make a suggestion, the best she could do was $250. I explained that this was just a regular weekend meal, not celebrating some life changing event (wedding, graduation etc).

I ordered a wine by the glass and I did order the cheapest one on the menu at $11. I didn't care for mine and the wife refused to drink hers she disliked it so much.  I'm sure they are decent wines, and our palate is used to an American style of wine. In conclusion, I'd like to see some table wines added to the list. I don't need something rare, I just want to enjoy it. 


Echo Friendly, Caveman at Ketel One party day 2

Ketel One De Nolet sxsw 2014

That Ketel one party was so generous, and good to us, we came back the second day and brought friends with us.

Echo Friendly sxsw 2014 ketel one de nolet

Echo Friendly

Echo Friendly band sxsw 2014 Ketel One

caveman sxsw 2014


caveman sxsw 2014

de nolet sxsw ketel one party austin 2014


SXSW Gaming Expo 2014

sxsw gaming expo 2014

SXSW isn't all free booze and loud bands (well, mostly it is, but not all).  I took the kids to the SXSW Gaming Expo. It was such a hit, we went early the next day. Lined up to be the first in the door. They kids LOVED it!

SXSW gaming expo 2014 valve portal2

wheatley space core portal2 sxsw gaming expo 2014

gaming demo sxsw expo 2014

The vendors don't talk down to the younger gamers. They all speak geek. Several companies had working games that have not yet been released. 

LANFest sxsw gaming expo 2014

#1 son parked himself in the LANFest area for a long time. 

cosplay sxsw gaming expo 2014

The Daughter is actually dressed as some video game character. Many people did the Cosplay.

tardis at sxsw mini maker faire gaming expo


we were exhausted! walked across the street for some eats.

sxsw hooters

Kat and I also attended the LA Tech meetup sxsw party, but it was fairly uneventful (too crowded) and no bands. 

SXSW 2014, Thumpers, The Octopus Project, Wild Cub, hosted by Ketel One

ketel one sxsw dj austin

DJ Michael Selman played old soul 45s, did a great job.

ketel one vodka tasting sxsw 2014

Ketel One provided craft cocktails and food by East Side Kings (celebrity chef Paul Qui)

Thumpers sxsw 2014

Thumpers played first

the octopus project sxsw 2014 austin tx

The Octopus Project put on one of the best shows we saw this year. 

the Octpous Project sxsw 2014 ketel one

the octopus project sxsw 2014

sxsw ketel one octopus project sxsw 2014

the octopus project austin tx

the octopus project austin sxsw

wild cub sxsw 2014

Wild Cub closed down night one at the Ketel One party.

wild cub ketel one party sxsw 2014

sxsw 2014 wild cub ketel one vodka party

sxsw ketel one east side kings party

nespresso coffee sxsw 2014

Nespresso made us free coffee across the street. It was good! I want one of those machines. 

March 11, 2014

experiencing extreme blogging delay caused by SXSW 2014

I've been working during the day, and trying to keep up with SXSW stuff at the same time.

a few highlights before I run to work:

The Octopus Project at the Ketel One party:

The Octopus Project SXSW 2014 Ketel One

The Octopus Project SXSW 2014

La V: much anticipated opening of a new French Restaurant

La V restaurant austin texas

SXSW Gaming Expo was a BIG hit with the kids.

sxsw 2014 gaming expo PORTAL2

#1 son parked himself at a computer for the SXSW LANfest

SXSW 2014 Lan party fest

Video below is from Octopus Project.  the audio is all wonky (blow out) but it does a good job capturing the energy of their performance. 


March 03, 2014

B-scene, Metaxa Happy Hour and Salmon grilled indoors

justin elliot metaxa austin qui

Justin Elliot hosted a Metaxa fueled Happy Hour at Tapasita's. The Porron was applied. 

metaxa porron austin tapasitas

austin tapas salmon tartare tapasitas happy hour

We also enjoyed the Salmon Tartare. Somebody just asked me "what's your favorite restaurant". I struggled to come up with an answer, and finally concluded that Tapasita's is the only place we seem to be going back to regularly.  It has a good combination of comfort, value, quality and friendly faces. The location is also convenient for us. 

east side kings ramen at hole in the wall austin ESK paul qui

Kat has been feeling under the weather. Her go-to self remedy is always a big bowl of soup. She applied the kimchi pork ramen from ESK at HIW ( East Side Kings @ Hole In the Wall).

blanton museum of art b-scene austin

We stopped by Blanton B scene, free entry for museum members with members only lounge.  The members lounge didn't really amount to much and we quickly relocated downstairs to be close to the stage. 

austin capitol building from blanton museum of art UT campus

It may appear we are out partying late into the night, the truth is I hadKat home, and asleep in her own bed by 9 pm.

shivery shakes at blanton museum of art b scene

We did get to catch some of the Shivery Shakes

blanton museum of art b-scene live music shivery shakes

is this the FOURTH ARCTIC BLAST?  it was 84 degrees the other day, Sunday night had temps drop to the mid 20's! This is TOO MUCH!

central texas arctic blast meal west lake hills

It was too cold to grill outside. Kat cleaned out the fireplace, I loaded it up with hardwood charcoal and put the grill grate on the log holder.  We enjoyed Sunday even family dinner around the charcoal fueled indoor grill (fireplace). 

stuffed mushrooms on the indoor grill fireplace

#1 son LOVES grilled mushrooms. I stuffed some with garlic, Vermont Smoked Pepperoni and parsley.

indoor grilled salmon with citrus sriracha glaze

The salmon was marinaded in a mixture of OJ, Sriracha, soy sauce, brown sugar and kosher salt.  (also some fresh ginger garlic and I sometimes add miso paste). I let it marinade for 30-45 minutes before skewering and grilling.  Much longer in the marinade and the acid from the OJ starts to break down the Salmon. 

stuffed and grilled mushrooms vermont smoked pepperoni

citrus sriracha glazed salmon skewers

If you have to endure another arctic blast, this is a good way to do it.

westlake austin kids amh WLH