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October 28, 2013

Halloween 2013, part 1 and Eanes fund raisers

german halloween costume schuster

We did attend a rather fantastic Halloween costume party at a friend's house.  this was Kat's first,  we went German.

lederhosen german beer girl costume austin

lederhosen cosplay german beer girl halloween

halloween costume party austin 2013

austin costume holloween party 2013

sarah partridge halloween costume party austin tx 2013

Froetzel Halloween party 2013 sarah partridge austin tx

uber fancy dancy band Froetzel was a big bucket of fun. 

Eanes Parent Night out at the Rattle Inn:

Eanes pto PNO rattle inn 2013

Kat was away to Santa Monica for work, she had asked that I attend a school fund raiser in her absence.  it was fun. 

eanes parents night out at the rattle inn 2013 pto eef

piano recitacl blackburn violin shop austin

#1 son had a Piano recital.  the daughter bowed out of her performance. 

eanes elementary fall carnival 2013

and we closed the week with another eanes elementary school carnival 


eanes elementary fall carnival 2013

I spent my carnival volunteer hour as the supervising adult for Westlake High School kids rolling other kids around in giant balls. 

October 21, 2013

Soundscape with Caroline Wright

blanton soundscape

soundscape is a great event hosted by the Blanton Musuem of Art on the UT campus.  spaces are filled with all sorts of musicians and sound arrangments.  our friend Caroline Wright did a live art performance while soprano Kate Bass sang something very lovely. 

artist caroline wright austin texas blanton

caroline wright soundscape blanton museum of art austin

caroline wright artist blanton museum of art soundscape


blanton museum of art soundscape 2013 guitarman

if you love knobs, this guy has a LOT of them.  he made all sorts of sounds using his guitar and knob collection. 

guitar knob man blanton soundscape 2013

kims and bones

we met up with some friends at the Blanton.

blanton museum of art jiminez

Hey, you guys want to join us for games, snacks and beverages?  sure, let's do it!  and off we went.

ABGB austin beer garden brewing

we enjoyed some of the fine suds at ABGB.  the kids brought board games.  fun for everybody. 

coq au vin pairing  with trio of red

the fall weather has inspired hearty French meals.  I made a Coq au Vin that was enjoyed with friends in the screen room.  and that Coq was enjoyed with some lovely vin rouge.  (expect to see more French around here in the future). 

dogfish head randall beer infuser

kat and I enjoyed a quick stop at Easy Tiger earlier in the week.  we were intrigued by this device.  It's a Randall "the enamel animal" made by Dogfish Head.  it can be used to dry hop beer and filter at serving.  they had it filled with coffee beans. 

west lake hills texas october light 2013


fall weather has brought wonderful temperatures and fantastic light at sun rise and set.  the usually ugly power pole was much more interesting this morning with the morning light and light cloud backdrop. 

House of the Rising Sun, stab at multitrack recording and music video

late 2012 was a busy time for the musical aspirations of #1 son.  he was learning to play House of the Rising sun on piano, and guitar.  at some point, I had the idea to use garage band (on his ipad) to record himself playing ALL parts of the song.  at some point we lost a guitar teacher.  and then #2 son reached over and deleted a track.  then the ipad somehow lost a the good sounding version.  the project dragged on and on and some tracks got merged and it sort of started to fall apart.  we all agreed that it was time to put it to rest.  but I still had the video I'd filmed with the intention of using along with the song.  so, here is the video I shot and the somehwat screw audio track.  #1 son plays lead guitar, piano, organ and bass (using the keyboard).  I ran his vocals through a voice distorter, it didn't work how I intended.  oh, and about half way through the piano gets louder....  

shot on location in New Orleans (french quarter) and Austin (papi tino's on east 6th)

house of the rising sun, pirate's alley new orleans




October 14, 2013

ACL week two (friday and saturday)

we considered skipping week two of ACL, but the daughter assured us she did want to go again.  so we did.  it was fun the second time as well.  you have to look at it as a festival first, live music show second.  you give up a few liberties in such a large crowd. 

austin city limits music festival week two 2013

acl downtown austin skyline 2013

most of those tall buildings were not there when we came to austin in '05

zilker park 2013 acl austin city limits

acl 2013 moontower austin city limits moon tower

zilker tree acl 2013

ACL 2013 above, ACL 2005 below....

acl zilker tree 2013 austin city limits 2005

acl 2005

feedling seed truck grilled cheese sandwich

the food options at ACL were really good this year.  our favorite was the grilled cheese on brioche with braised shortrib and pepper jam from the seedling food truck

kat and I took another opportunity to enjoy the Dulce Vida/Tito's party just outside the park.

dulce vida tito's block party acl

and, the music....

The Cure:

the cure acl 2013 zilker park

they played another solid two hour set.  not the same set as last week.  they sounded great.

the cure acl zilker park week two

the cure austin city limits acl 2013 zilker

it started to rain about 90 minutes into the Cure.  the people lifted their hands and applauded.  we didn't know it was going to get much harder for the rest of the night, flooding the park and cause the cancellation of the last day of acl.  but for the last show of acl 2013, we danced in the rain and smiled about it. 

the cure austin 2013 acl

Zilker Tent:  in years past, I skipped the big shows at the end of the day.  too many people, can't really experience the music etc.  I like the smaller shows in the zilker tent.  we caught the last few minutes of JD McPherson.

JD mcpherson acl

we also saw the black angels and some other acts that I quickly forgot. 

Jon Spencer Blues Explosion:  they exploded!  they gave us a great show.  the last time I saw them...  20 years ago at the original 9:30 club in DC. 

Jon Spencer Blues Explosion austin city limits festival 2013 zilker park

jon spencer blues explosion acl 2013

austin city limits jon spencer blues explosion 2013

jon spencer blues explosion acl 2013

jon spencer blues explosion acl austin 2013 week two

jon spencer blues explosion acl 2013 week 2

JSBE acl 2013

jon spencer blues explosion acl theramin 2013

jon spencer blues explosion austin

jon spencer blues explosion drummer acl austin 2013

jon spencer blues explosion austi 2013 acl


rain day ACL canceled, Parkside as a replacement

Sunday was the big day we planned to get up close for The National at ACL.  BIG rain, lightening and the flooding of zilker park had that canceled.  I agreed to go shopping for new pillows with Kat and take the kids to Parkside for dinner. 

big brother

#1 son held his brother's hand as we navigated downtown Austin.

steak tartare parkside austin

#1 son ordered steak tartare, he was a bit surprised when it arrived.  it's ok, kat and I enjoyed it even though it was slighlty over salted.

wow, he really has grown!  he still can't button his shirt right.

happy hour parkside austin oysters

nearly everything we ordered was 1/2 price (happy hour).  their oysters were cold water varieties, not gulf ($14 for a dozen). 

gourmet mac and cheese at parkside austin

Parkside was recently listed as having some of the best macaroni and cheese in the country.  it was good!

fired oyster po-boy austin parkside

while not a traditional po-boy, their fried oyster po-boy was delicious!

tres leches donuts parkside austin

tres leches donuts. 

6th street austin parkside

#2 son enjoyed the large storefront windows that faced 6th street.  the cancelation of ACL insured the area was filled with would be festival goers seeking visiting live acts that picked up last minute shows. 

paul schuster austin parkside

we loved it!  we will definitely go back to parkside


October 07, 2013

ACL 2013, week 1

we opened ACL weekend with an Engle Holding Ceremony.

the lifting and holding of the Engle

paul schuster acl opening ceremony engle lifting / holding

john engle is not easy to lift

make no mistake about it, it's not an easy task. 

it was a successful engle lift!

Yeah, that is the engle on the floor in front of me.  but I did hold it, briefly. 

austin city limits music festival zilker park 2013

yes, 130 bands! 

Okkervil River acl 2013 austin

Okkervil River played a strong and energetic show.

okkervil river acl 2013

depeche mode acl 2013 david gahan

Depeche Mode weren't bad.  it might be better for you if you really want to see all that Gahan spin and skin.  the dry humping of the microphone stand was a bit over the top. 

depeche mode acl 2013 martine gore david gahan

parquet courts acl 2013

Parquet Courts got us started early Saturday morning.  we got there at 11 AM for this show, then we enjoyed the Tito's/Dulce Vida block party (seen farther below)

the national, acl 2013

The National were REALLY GOOD!  this was the daughter's favorite acl show.

the national acl 2013 week 1

wolco acl 2013 wk 1

wilco sounded great. 

the Cure was also amazing.  they played just over two hours.  I've never seen Robert Smith so animated, energetic and happy. they sounded as great too!  (no cure pics, but a few vids captured by kat inserted below)

Our Space (man/ship):

festival totem pole tall

with about 75,000 people in zilker park at one time, it's easy to get lost from your group.  we were prepared with a festival totem.  we decided the pole was a bit TOO tall at 30 ft.  we managed to reduce it by half.  at full (30 ft) height, it was a chore just keeping it up. 

acl festival totem

we had a spaceman or space shuttle at the top of our pole, and flashing led light at night. 

spaceman astronaut acl totem

zilker park people acl 2013


we typically gathered at the same spot all weekend.  we got to know people around us and they often came back to our totem several times.  it's a lot easier to share space with people you've made friends with than feeling crowded by strangers. 

austin city limits 2013 acl friendly people

acl, the national, the fist

this guy had a fist that travels around to different music festivals.  I declined to smell it, but I did oblige to the fist bump.  it says "DICK" across the knuckles and everybody was quite enthused about this fist....

acl fistbump

craft beer tent acl 2013

the craft beer tent was a great place to escape mid day sun. 

dulce vida block party acl barton springs

ahhhh!  just outside the entrance, there was a private party hosted by two of our favorite brands, Dulce Vida and Tito's. 

tito's block party barton springs acl

prizes, free drinks and more new friends!

acl barton springs block party

tito's dulce vida barton springs block party acl 2013

cassidy austin tx

I'd met Cassidy inside at the Tito's/Dulce Vida party.  when he saw we were leaving, he said, "paul!  hold on just a minute, I want to play you a song.  look for me just outside"  and there he was. 

there was a shaded area for the daughter to sketch just outside the tito's party.  we took turns sitting with her. 

acl craft beer tent

acl 2013 people

acl people 2013

acl art market 2013

acl gnome 2013

acl people

acl portapotty portraiture

acl platinum pass free budweister man

platinum VIP ticket holders get all sorts of fancy treatment like air conditioned bathrooms, fancy food meals, golf cart transportation and front row access.  they keep a cooler full of BUD up near the stage for these VIP.  this guy saw me there, looking thirsty, he reached into his free VIP beer stash and started to pass them to us!