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February 26, 2013

Rosie Flores at the Scoot Inn (kut austin music map party)

we saw Rosie Flores play at the Scoot Inn for the austin music map Map Jam party. 

I'd like to apologize to any of the people I stepped in front of to get to the stage and take these pics/video.  it happens. 

rosie flores austin music map scoot inn party 2013


rosie flores scoot inn bier garten kut austin music map


rosie flores austin rockabilly scoot inn music map party kut


rosie flores rockabilly austin music map party scoot inn tx


scoot inn bier garten austin tx live music

scoot inn bier garten austin texas

and we (re) learned a valuable lesson.  before the scoot inn show, we attended a member's party at the blanton museum.  the party had free wine, but not much food.  and somehow, we managed to completely skip food for most of the day.  the end result was a quick and steep blood sugar cliff.  I need to add some granola bars and beef jerky to my photo/camera bag.  next time I hear my wife say, "I really feel like I need a hot dog" on the way to a show, I'll find a way to make it happen. 

the other lesson I learned, when the wife asks for directions, I will not try to do the job of an iphone.  when she asks, "HOW FAR?", I realize "drive straight through downtown  on this street, it's on the left" is not the same as iphone with an exact "1.2 miles" answer.  each attempt I tried to give directions, like saying the street address or showing a google map with two dots and a straight line between, only added to my list of failures.  it's best to leave the navigating to the technology of her choice, then I can sit back and enjoy the view.  as a modern day spicoli, my mantra shall be "you drive, and iphone'll nah-vuh-gate"

February 25, 2013

Austin Chaplin Cotillion 2013

this year's cotillion season is over.  photography is discouraged, with exception of the final dance.  family members are encouraged to attend, participate,  take pics and video. 

austin chaplin cotillion country club

I said "HEY YOU!... SMILE!"  and he did. 

junior assembly austin chaplin cotillion

austin country club dinner junior assembly cotillion 2013

the older kids start with a NO-parents allowed dance and formal dinner.  they make a big effort to apply their best table manners.  the daughter has attended a few years now, she was appointed leader of table etiquitte.  the other kids at the table referred to her as "the queen of england".  they were all having a good time. 

austin junior assembly cotillion

the guy seen in the first pic cut in on her partner from table 10 for the last dance. 

austin cotillion 360 bridge

the parents actually dance with the kids for the younger cotillion.  Kat looks forward to the mother and son cotillion.  she made a special effort to be there this year. 

austin country club dance chaplin cotillion

but somehwere along the way, #1 son decided he did NOT want his picture taken.  he scowled and gave me serious looks when I aimed my photo device in his direction.  if I can't get a good pic, I just have to take more shots!

austin cotillion chaplin dance

austin cotillion dance

yes, it'same girl from the Valentine's dance.  I'd supplied him with chocolate to give to whoever he shared the last dance on V-day.  I could see she had not forgotten his gift of confection.

then came the parent dance portion of the evening.  it's usually a lot of fun. 

mother and son dance austin chaplin cotillion

#1 son became rigid and refused to smile.  his mother had left work in the middle of an important project to share the dance with him.  I attempted to improve things by NOT taking a bunch of pictures.  his mom decided she'd get him to smile, one way or antoher. 

February 19, 2013

believe it, or not! #1 son is growing up.

austin cotillion 2013

#1 son made it around the sun once more, moving into double digits...  pic above is from the valentine's day cotillion dance. 

he has been issuing some big brain questions lately:

"can electricity have weight?"

"if Einstein had a formula for turning mass into electricity, has anybody tried to reverse it to create mass from electricity?"

I'm assuming he is getting some of these ideas from the Gifted and Talented program at school and listening to NPR.  He recently got really upset when his brother was making little boy (annoying) sounds while he was trying to listen to a story about centrifugal uranium enrichment.  but mostly he's still just a boy, and still a bit fragile. 

gourdough's public house birthday austin

I took a few of his friends out for lunch to celebrate.  we went to gourdough's public house.  their food is all donut based...  donut burgers, sandwiches and garlic donut salad croutons.  I'll admit it was better than I had expected. 

mystery gift (duct tape)

from his parents, he received one roll of duct tape and tickets to ripley's believe it or not odditorium in san antonio (along with hotel reservation at the grand hyatt)

busted lip

we started with a great lunch at la gloria ice house, street foods of mexico. 

if he looks a bit banged up... it goes like this,

Wednesday: came home with an easter egg sized lump on his forehead.  something to do with a door being opened into his face.

Thursday: came home with a busted lip, something to do with an elbow and P.E. class

Friday: I got a call from the school nurse, something to do with falling off a 3ft wall and landing on his face.  he recieved five stitches on his eyebrow.

tacos al pastor la gloria's ice house san antonio pearl brewery

they have the BEST tacos al pastor at la gloria

tostada boy la gloria's ice house san antonio

ripley's believe it or not big tire

#1 son had received two books for Christmas, a Guinness book of records and a Ripley's believe it or not.  I can't tell you how much time he has devoted to studying and repeating facts from those books. 

big tire boy san antonio

tallest man that ever lived ripley's believe it or not san antonio

fattest man in the world san antonio ripley's believe it or not

#1 son has spent a great deal of thought regarding the world's fattest man.  he finally got a life sized example. 

ripley's odditorium san antonio

4-D ride san antonio

we also did the 4-D ride.  I was worried it would be too much for #2 son, I was wrong.  he was so excited.  he yelled, "THAT WAS AMAZING!!!" as we left the theater. 

grand hyatt san antonio view

a quick happy hour snack in our room while enjoying the view from the 19th floor.  got cleaned up and out for dinner. 

san antonio riverwalk february 2013

I'll tell you to avoid the riverwalk area for dining options.  most of the food down there is over priced and no so great.  BUT, we do enjoy Las Ramblas at the Hotel La Contessa.  it was a short walk from the grand hyatt.

san antonio riverwalk february 2013

las ramblas san antonio riverwalk la contessa

watermelon salad with pop-rocks, squid ink lobster-seafood paella and caesar salad. 

corndogs do not fit in nostrils

#2 son was complaining, "I like corndogs with STICKS in them!"  I managed to derail his complaints by challenging him to insert one into his nostril, he proved me wrong, "SEE!  it DOESN'T fit!"  then he forgot all about the lack of sticks. 

las ramblas dessert

the horchata fritters were really good, as was the creme brulee/flan dessert. 

grand hyatt san antonio riverwalk view at night

grand hyatt is on a quiet section of the riverwalk.

grand hyatt san antonio night view

mi tierra mexican breakfast san antonio panaderia

another meal we always look forward to is breakfast at mi tierra and their panaderia

we also spent a night at our place in wimberley.  we were happy to find that the half bottle terrarium my mom set up has sprouted basil! 

hald wine bottle terrarium

canon sx260 hs moon hand held low light performance

pics provided by a new P&S camera that has improved low light performance.  pic of moon above was done w/o tripod.  (below) the daughter, very precisely puncturing a blackberry... 

blackberry torture

boil a meal indian food bags

the indian food grocery store has these delicious ready to eat meals.  you just boil the bags and dump them out.  there are no preservatives or MSG, just regular stuff on the lists of ingredients like "onion, garlic, yogurt".  we can have a quick, tasty indian food dinner for less than $2 per person!  #2 son approves, he loves that garlic naan and basmati rice!

February 12, 2013

Mardi Gras day 2, Highland Parade

there is no down time for mardi gras.  we get up and keep going for another parade.  this year we rode a float, we threw beads to mardi gras beggars. 

highland parade flower float mardi gras shreveport 2013

it was a nice float too!  the front was animated and of course it had a big loud sound system.  it even had separate his/hers bathrooms.  let's do this!

highland parade luchador bead throw

#1 son asked me get off so he could practice throwing beads to me before the parade started.  turns out it's pretty easy. 

shreveport mardi gras highland parade madison garden float staging area

there were many floats in the staging area.   all pumping out different (and obnoxious) music. 

float loading highland parade

this is the time to unpack and hang all the beads on hooks and organize the other throws (plush toys, moon pies, chinese new year candy).

wade scot's all american cycles and big john


mardi gras highland parade float loading

mardi gras float interior highland parade

mardi gras luchador lucha libre highland parade

we had rubber mardi gras crawfish, plush rats and finger puppets and a bunch of candy and chocolate from the chinese market since it was also chinese new years!  Gung Hay Fat Choy means "Best wishes and Congratulations. Have a prosperous and good year."

engle float mardi gras highland parade guys


the parade starts!

scot's all american cycle mardi gras


heads up, tall mardi gras float highland parade

we are way up there on the second floor.  there is a constant threat of being whacked in the head by street lights and trees.  #2 son went to school yesterday and drew a picture of "the man with the microphone" from our float.  he is the one that tries to give warning about low hanging obstacles. 

mardi gras parade highland shreveport

#2 son quickly understood his role.  for the past few weeks, he has been saying he did NOT want to throw from a float.  he's been hiding some of his things, convinced we would make him throw his personal toys from the float. 

highland parade 2013 shreveport mardi gras

mardi gras highland parade

#1 son took a bunch of broken bead strands and tied them in one long strand.  he was using that to lower good beads to the lower deck.  I got in on the fun as we teased the girl below us (marnie).  she didn't look very amused at all as she kept swatting them out of her face.  LOL

highland parade shreveport louisiana mardi gras

the parade is two hours long.  kat and the two older kids had been throwing at a fast pace for the first 30 minutes and were nearly empty by the half way mark.  I hadn't thrown much at all so we shared my stash. 

throwing beads to mardi gras beggars shreveport highland parade 2013

mardi gras parade higland float rider

it's work throwing all those beads and toys and moon pies... makes a man thirsty. 

blank noir girl on highland parade shreveport mardi gras

throw me something mister mardi gras highland parade

there is a great diversity in the Highland area.  from historic mansions with their professionally catered parties under rented tents, to the let's pull a bunch of crap into the yard sort of parties. 

bead boy mardi gras highland parade shreveport

kat ran out of beads... so she danced!

highland parade float mardi gras dancing girl


highland parade mardi gras dancing girl

dancing girl shreveport mardi gras highland parade


end of the highland parade engle float


and that was the end.  we jumped off the float in a big hurry, and drove back to austin.  it was less than 48 hours of mardi gras. came home to sort around 1,000 images. 

time to prep for the adventure that is next weekend.


February 11, 2013

Mardi Gras Space #83 (our volume only goes UP!)

set up and assembly of space #83 for the krewe of gemini parade:

disco gnome and disco ball mardi gras space #83 "let's do this"

disco gnome is placed on his shelf, disco ball is hung, and ron swanson observes. 

pallet fire wood mardi gras

this year had less axe, more sawzall...


mardi gras surprise

the old mardi gras surprise! 

tents are assembled, chandelier (new to us this year) wired, grills are loaded and the beats start out loud after the box is unloaded, we started things off with the cult. 

we have a new sound system this year. 

a guy from the space next door came over with a request, "can you turn that down? or play some Lionel Richie?"  "sorry, this volume only goes UP!"  he was not amused.

big john of space #83 amrdi gras shreveport

wade, mr thrifty, ron swanson, disco gnome of space #83

ron swanson sledge hammer mardi gras

a few finishing touches... a sledge hammer comes in handy when you forget screws and drill. 

shreveport duck pond mardi gras playscape

the older boys came with us for the set up this year. 

I think they had fun...

vintage space 83 old-school mardi gras

the guys keep arriving till the whole krewe is assembled.

the annual portrait of the main characters:

space #83 mardi gras


shreveport mardi gras space 83 chandelier gemini parade

the future men of space #83

mardi gras parking on ass

#1 son is really enjoying the roll of duct tape he received for his birthday.  the young men adjusted the street sign.  they were quite proud of themselves. 

future of space #83 

mardi gras danny wade

as the unofficial space #83 event photographer, I get asked to take a lot of pictures.  "hey take a picture of me and my neighbor, and one of my ex-step-brother, and this girl I just met" etc.  (I'm gonna try to include a few, you can email me for any specific one I didn't upload)

the "we're #1" finger

I think the point, he is trying to make is, "we are #1!"


mardi gras meat

there was plenty meat for carnivores.  mardi gras happens during my annual vegetarian (pescatarian) experiement.  I survived from a diet of nuts, dried fruit, peanut butter, and a few beverages.

scot's all american cycles

and the fire is roaring! 

DANCING GIRLS!:  the women and children start pouring in around 3pm (5 hours after us)

mardi gras dancing girls

they waste no time and get that dancing started.

big john and cammie space #83 mardi gras

mardi gras shreveport

mardi gras hand warmer space 83

her hand was cold....


happy couple  mardi gras shreveport

space blaster gun LED mardi gras

and the sun goes down... tension builds as we await the parade. 

mardi gras dj troy brown space 83

dog box stereo mardi gras

mardi gras music man

shreveport mardi gras laser space 83 gemini parade

laser light show attracts a few new people. 

wade scot's all american cycles

ashley lilbit

more dancing and shaking....

dj troy space 83 mardi gras

shreveport mardi gras gemini parade 83

space 83 mardi gras dancing

people flood in from the street and a few neighboring sites.  the people that had asked us to turn it down now join in on the dancing, their women and children can't resist our jungle beats. 

mardi gras dancing girls of space 83 gemini parade

some kid did some break dancing, the girls were shaking all the right parts, looked like a bunch of ants on a hot rock!

disco gnome of space #83

that gnome was operating at MAXIMUM!!!  the daughter does not participate in the foolishness, she is a bit more reserved and just observes, with ron swanson.  he also would not participate. 

mardi gras dance party shreveport louisiana

the krewe of gemini parade:

krewe of gemini mardi gras

space #83 laser light show mardi gras

#1 son takes command of the laser and directs it into the street, and all over the parade. that’s my boy!

mardi gras gemini marching band parade

it turns out, the marching band can get a bit pissed-off if you get in the middle of them to take pics.  watch out for the tuba man! 

marching band shreveport mardi gras gemini

nat-nat the jello shot girl

bead throws at gemini mardi gras

lulu uggs mardi gras socks

mardi gras sofa space #83

gemini parade mardi gras

happy happy mardi gras

later, things got a bit saucey... 

space #83 mardi gras reach-around

the old mardi gras reach-around

mardi gras meal louisiana

still hungry?  how 'bout breast meat... 

mardi gras reach around louisiana space #83

more reach-around, hey, I'm tryin to take a picture here.

mardi gras parade tom-foolery

lemme axe you something?  is your wife giving you the axe?

which is it? 

A: I got to axe you something

B: she's gonna give you the axe

mardi gras chandelier gemini parade space #83

and that was the end.  I lingered (loitered) till the fire man came. 


he gave me a stern talking to about fire safety and warned about the possibility of a ticket next year.  but this knob only goes up...  I think we'd call that ticket a fire fee.  I gently reminded him that it gave them a job, coming to exterminate our fires.  some people start them, some put them out, and a few dance around them.

fire roasted salmon skewers

ended the evening with another roaring fire.  we roasted salmon strips I marinated in OJ, honey, sea salt and sriracha. 

February 08, 2013

wimberley possibilities (sketchups)

it's a long term plan or... the life plan.  after a good bit of thought, and experience with the neighborhood and time spent on site, I realized the best location for a future house on our wimberley lot would be the same footprint of the old house.  this solves several issues, the HOA architectural review committee should have less to consider since it would be the same place as the existing home, more of a replacement.  the septic plumbing is already installed for that footprint.  and, this would result in the least amount of oak tree removal.

 so I started playing around with possible layouts using the same footprint.  I think the first gives us the most usable sq footage.  these models don't have all the windows or represent the slope of the lot. 

wimberley blanco river rapids

this plan has affords a small studio/office lof or third bedroom on a second floor area at the front

river rapids wimberley

our aim would be to use nonflamable building materials due to the high risk of wile fires.  steel studs, concrete fiber board (hardy), stone, masonary, metal siding and glass. 

I included a greenhouse for kat, and a garage complete with either a vintage van or bmw e30.

bmw e30 m3 sketchup wimberley

aesthetically, I think I like this next one best.

butterfly roof mid century modern wimberley

I've always loved a butterfly style roof.  no second floor is easy on old people with weak knees and fragile hips (I told you this was a life plan, I'm thinking of the future)

vintage van dodge a100 sketchup

dodge hotrod a100 van vintage wimberley

the final sample is favored by #2 son:

modernism on the blanco river wimberley

modern wimberley blanco river rapids

fischer texas

wimberley fischer modern greenhouse


February 03, 2013

Austin Carnaval Brasileiro 2013, the big event

carnaval austin 2013 

this was the big event, Carnaval Brasileiro 2013!

carnaval brasileiro 2013 austin

yes, three weeks in a row, pics of these girls.  you'd think I know their names by now.  there was a lot more going on this time, and I have pics to prove it. 

austin carnaval 2013

very much like a well planned indoor mardi gras, complete with parade. 

carnaval austin captain hook peter pan 2013

the theme this year was Peter Pan. 

carnaval austin

so many pretty dancing girls... 

carnaval austin 2013

happy percussionists...

austin carnaval peter pan man-baby 2013

carnaval austin

austin carnaval jellyfish costume

and many great costumes.  we saw a few people dressed as jellyfish.

austin carnaval bird costume girls 2013

and some very elaborate bird costumed girls...

austin carnaval indian peter pan

carnival austin 2013

austin carnaval 2013 westlake high school jazz band

the Westlake High School Jazz Band (horn section). 

carnaval brasileiro austin texas 2013

austin carnaval 2013 musical artist

I can't tell you who the performers were... 

austin carnaval 2013 singer

austin carnaval 2013 drummers

austin carnaval 2013 performer

austin carnaval brasileiro 2013

green wig carnaval austin

gave the wife my jacket to wear.  yes, I decorated an armani jacket with roosters.  we call it "the cock jacket".  as we approached the venue, waiting for the walk sign to illuminate, I felt a touch.  I turned around to find strangers giggling.  someone uttered a confession, "I wanted to touch your cock".  they started to take turns tocuhing my jacket.  that jacket gets a lot of attention, but this is the first time it's been molested by strangers.  this was a hint to what sort of flirtatious behavior awaited us inside. 

armani jacket with embroidered rooster cock patches

carnaval austin 2013 dancers



austin carnaval 2013 hula hoop girls

body paint booth austin carnaval 2013

they have several body paint vendors.  if you have exhibitionist tendencies, carnaval will give you the opportunity to meet up with voyuers/photographers.  she loved all the attention

austin carnaval voyeur photographer

austin carnaval bodypaint girl body paint gandolf

austin carnaval bodypaint

carnaval 2013 girl austin

austin carnaval 2013 girls

austin carnaval girls 2013

austin carnaval topless girls

austin carnaval frisky girls 2013

austin carnaval 2013

austin carnaval 2013 fairy wings pasties girl

austin carnaval model

carnaval girls 2013 austin

carnaval austin 2013 body paint girls

austin carnaval 2013 body paint girl topless

austin carnaval 2013 peter pan and stormtrooper

not just girls, boys were playing too.  peter pan and a stormtrooper...  I don't know what to say.  well, peter pan is a disney movie and disney did just buy star wars... I guess they are bedfellows after all. 

austin carnaval topless

the end.

austin carnaval brazilian back side