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Tax Week and BeerWhales.

Honoring the TurboTax master.

We hired a CPA to do our taxes a few years back. There were numerous sessions of question/answer, many requests for receipts, and trips to his office to deliver them. His bill came with a note that we could pay whatever we felt was fair, but his total came to over $800. We paid the full amount, but did not become repeat customers. Ever since, we spend one weekend a year answering the same questions to a computer. We dig through stacks of receipts and emails. Taxes have become more complicated for us with multiple properties and multiple incomes. I made more this past year, but from contractual situations where no taxes were withheld. This had a notable negative affect on our refund. It was not a joyous weekend at all.

But let me talk about beer now that we're done with Taxes and the FLU!

A new phenomena in Craft Beer, people often wait in line for hours for the newest and best beers.  I've seen lines that take hours (as much as eleven hours) in harsh weather. We only have one brewery in Texas that produces beers that have such demand and exclusivity, Jester King.

I'm not a big fan of their sour beers. BUT I have trading partners in New England that are. So while they go stand in line for NE IPA, I go to Jester King and get their sour beers, then we exchange.  

Jester King Brewery Lenoir sour grape beer

2016 Jester King Bière de Lenoir  

orangutang holdping up a jester king beer  

This sour bier is made from grapes. The first sip is really sour, but then it sort of opens up, like wine! 

jester kinng lenior sour grape bier beer 

They have a two bottle per person limit. My Mom came along, giving us the opportunity to buy four. Three will be traded and one is for Kat.

Back when we lived in Santa Cruz, I befriended Jerry Starr. He was the tasting room manager for a David Bruce (they specialized in Pinot Noir). Jerry later moved to Testa Rossa Winery. Over dinner one night, Jerry confessed his new problem... he had a whole closet full of other wines he drank before he started at Testa Rossa but "my palate has changed! I just can't drink that wine any more, my palate has changed". We sort of laughed at his problem... to burdened with so much wine, but developing a taste for a more expensive wine. First world problems for sure.

NOW, I've consumed whales (high end rare craft beers) almost exclusively for the past two months (Trillium, Other Hand, Bissell Brothers, Tree House and Alchemist have been abundant in our ice box). Grocery store shelf beer just isn't as good... "My palate has changed".  

Trillium Brewing Congress IPA 

Trillium and Other Hands have become our favorite.  

Kat and I visited a local brewery after we finished the taxes. Neither of us could get enthused about what we used to consider great beer. I'm sorry we laughed at you Mr. Starr, we understand.  

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