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Christmas bucket invasion

schuster bros.

My brother is on leave and visiting from Hawaii for the holidays. 

12 gauge bull's eye 

My Dad lives in a rural area, where it's OK to shoot guns in the back yard. We noticed these buckets were closing in on us, possible ambush was put to an end. 

shoot the bucket 

bucket shot 


fireball shot 

They had Fireball shots... it's not my thing (a lesson I've learned too many times). 


akita dog 

Like a living Teddy bear. 

akita kiss 

mifi hotspot for christmas thanks santa 

Everybody got exactly what they asked for, even the hotspot... Thanks Santa! 

nerf laser tag guns 

christmas pearls 

Santa was even good to those who refused to ask for anything this year. 

fried turkey oil temp gun 

Time for the fried turkey. We took turns monitoring the oil temp till it hit 380, killed the flame and dropped the bird.  

christmas fried turkey oil temp gun 

dropping the turkey fried hot oil 

golden fried turkey cajun spiced 

It came out golden, spicy, moist and crispy... another good one! 


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