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hey marseilles, sxsw yelp backyard blowout 2012 austin texas

we had a LOT of fun at the yelp sxsw party. 

hey marseilles was greatly enjoyed.  we bought some merch from them.. even picked up a 7" vinyl.

hey marseilles sxsw 2012


hey marseilles yelp sxsw austin


yes, cory DID grab a hula hoop and get at it in front of the band.  I laughed!

hey marseilles


hey marseilles


hey marseilles


the big sleep yelp sxsw austin 2012

the big sleep

open bar yelp sxsw 2012 austin

they had vitamins in every possible flavor.  no lines for beverages!  you know we took advantage.

st germain yelp sxsw 2012 backyard blowout

the st germain w/ grapefruit and mint was good!

hair styling at yelp sxsw party 2012

after a few drinks, people thought it'd be fun to get some new hair color (like green)

yelp sxsw party 2012 butterfly bar

we'd been there a few weeks back, we explained that the buttefly wings are available for test drive... and they got passed around and I took pics... 

yelp sxsw party butterfly bar

hi how are you yelp sxsw butterfly bar party 2012 backyard blowout


yelp butterfly bar sxsw party austin 2012 hi how are you shirt daniel johnston

free drinks open bar yelp sxsw enchanted rock vodka

more enchanted vodka cocktails? sure, why not!

hula hooping at yelp sxsw 2012 backyard blowout

get it cory and alicia.

vortex yelp sxsw 2012 vintage clothing pop-up store

hunter.gather.style had a fabulous pop-up store.  they were a bit stressed b/c their credit card machine was iphone based. iphones usually are worthless for sxsw.  can't get a signal.  kat found some good stuff and we made them a "cash offer".  they took us up on the opportunity. 

haddington's austin texas

we went to haddington's after the yelp party. 

after a day at the yelp party, we had more

haddington's austin deviled eggs

the deviled eggs were really good.

venison tartare haddinton's austin

venison tartare

duck meatloaf with cherry bbq sauce and pistachio pesto, haddington's austin tx

the duck meatloaf with cherry bbq sauce and pistachio pesto was REALLY good. 

shaved ham and fig haddington's

shaved ham with fig (I think that was it)

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