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Gung Hay Fat Choy, Chinese New Year in Austin

chinatown chinese new years austin

we usually go to chinatown shopping center up north for chinese new years.  it gets bigger every year.  we had to park quite a distance and then fight the crowds.  the firecrackers were LOUD.  we ate some noodles while lions danced all over the center and the air became thick from firecracker smoke.

 being intimadated by chinese lion dancer austin tx

I think this lion is trying to intimidate me...

texas lion dragon dancers

slightly less intimidating now...

chinese lion eats dollars lettuce and oranges austin texas

TC noodle co. staff fed the lions lettuce and oranges, #1 son fed them dollars. 


texas dragon lion dancer

each dance crew has a support person that follows with a shopping cart filled with bottled water and bananas.  this guy ran over like it was an emergency.  he SLAMMED TWO bottles of water in seconds, squishing the bottles to get the water out faster.  then he ran back in for more lion actions. 

dragon dancer austin texas chinese new years

then a big truck pulled in with the next group of lions, dragons and drums.  this young man was very enthusiastic about his dragon waving.  they brought a lot of energy with them. 

drummer chinese new years austin

this young man was so happy to get some time on the drums, they made him stop so they could unload.  he looked like he could keep drumming all day. 

gung hay fat choy austin tx usa

dragon dancers austin chinatown chinese new years

asian american austin texas

lions all organized and lined up, lots of stretching to be done. 

stretching lion dancers austin tx

stretch.... and....

lion tamer dancer stretches austin texas

I think this young man above is the lion tamer or Buddha

gung hay fat choy lion tamer austin tx usa chinese new years

and IT'S ON!!  that lion tamer guy was going wild with that fan!

lion tamer austin dancer

lion and dragon dancers austin texas chinatown usa

they made their way to the front of the MT market. 

MT market asian market austin texas usa chinatown

chinatown shopping center austin tx

we got our own lion!

chinese lion dancer marionette puppet toy

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