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eeyore's birthday 2011, the annual nsfw post


 happy birthday eeyore!

happy birthday eeyore 2011

they have a kid's area with easy games for the youngest in the crowd.

kid's area at eeyore's 2011

#2 son was good at getting the bean bag in the hole and won prizes!

prize winning luchadore baby at eeyore's

paul schuster and little bo-peep at eeyore's

I have a tradition of finding little bo-peep at eeyore's every year, except this year she has a new set of threads.  I guess she gave up on finding those sheep.

chicken and lentil curry at eeyore's

we found the food and beers to reasonably priced.  this was a huge bowl of chicken and lentil curry ($6) that and a pair of best wursts easily fed the family. 

happy birthday eeyore 2011! 

fireman's #4 beer was $4 a pint.  and these were real 16 oz pints.  most places charge more than that for a "pint glass" of it.  but if you have been paying attention to your glass pint glass, you may know that it only holds 14 oz.  that's right, you are being cheated 2 oz at a time from most pint glasses. 

 sack race at eeyore's birthday 2011

#1 son was anxious to compete in the sack race after last year's loss.  but, he didn't do well again.  he blamed the sack...  really. 

competetive sack race eeyore's

there is a lot going on in this pic, larger version here.  the older kid sack race was also very competitive.

drum circle at eeyore's 2011

good rhythyms from the drum circle

kiddue drum circle 2011 eeyore's

we had a small kid's drum circle, mostly old ford and airstream parts.

heckler at eeyore's

this scrappy dude in the black shirt had been heckling the renaissance festival type girl that ran the medieval sparring area.  he got her all worked up and she urged him to get in the ring with her.  "what?  I can't fight a GIRL!  that wouldn't be fair!", he taunted her.  she was getting frustrated and challenged him once again.  she had him step ahead of the line of kids who had been waiting to spar with her, confident he would soon be humiliated, but....

girl looses battle to gutterpunk heckler

within a few quick moves, he had her down in the dirt!  she got up, red in the face.  I thought she was gonna knock him down and clean the area with his face.  she took a few deep breaths and said "NEXT"  there were two boys in line in front of #1 son.  their parents quickly grabbed them by the collar and removed them, fearing the next opponent might bear the grunt of her anger.  #1 son stepped to the front of the line and proudly picked up his weapon.

#1 son spars with pissed off girl at eeyore's

I think he wanted to redeem his loss in the sack race.  our heckler that had just grounded our warrior girl was on the side, giving #1 son fight tips like. "she's got her weapon low, HIT HIGH!" 


#1 son went in for the kill and was so proud of himself.  she didn't put up a big effort, clearly shaken by the young punk still hassling her.  as #1 son took a moment to bask in the glory of victory, the heckler was off to the side squawking like a chicken, hands in his pits while flapping his elbows.  you can see she was not amused. 

unicycle flag football:

unicycle football at eeyore's 2011

I'm not a football fan, but how could I ignore a luchador unicyclist quarterback?

unicycle football cowboy

south austin body choir

south austin body choir doing some of their touchy-feely dance moves

I stumbled on a bit of feedback about pics from eeyore's.  some people don't like to see "big sloppy hippy titty".  this was a reference to pics seen online of a lady who had painted her jugs up to resemble bunny rabbits.  while I love that everybody feels comfortable and free as they are at eeyore's, I figured I'd highlight the younger crowd this year 

might be NSFW = Not Safe For Work. Used to describe Internet content generally inappropriate for the typical workplace, i.e., would not be acceptable in the presence of your boss and colleagues

sneaking a smoke at the edge.  smoking was banned this year due to risk of wild fires.

sequin girl

adam and eve at eeyore's

or lack of costume, a dab of paint will do.

peacock girl at eeyore's

this peacock girl had gone around shaking her feathers and making loud calls like "kaaawwww-kaw, kaw-kawwww!"  very convincing. 

sun and moon at eeyore's 2011

the sun and the moon at eeyores birthday

stoner microsoft paperclip

thing 1 and thing 2 eeyore's

winnie the pooh and crew at eeyore's

avatar at eeyore's

sock monkey at eeyore's

g-string hippie man at eeyore's birthday

bye bye from eeyore's


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