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your walls are showing, cover them up

after a year of living in the house, we have the family pictures off the floor and on to the wall.  we gained something that looks lived in but lost a bit of that crispness of blank white walls.  we chose the long corridor outside the kid's rooms for pictures of ourselves.

for the other big sections of blank wall...

on loan from our friend, artist sharon kyle-kuhn 

she carefully chose pieces that would compliment the flow of the house.  



I love how the blue dot on the wall seems to be poking fun at the blue dot on the blue moon neon sign and the painting over the fireplace seems to mimic the whole area.

sharon likes to use an assortment of found objects.  here, we see used packaging scraps mixed with encaustic   she often pigments the medium herself with things common to every day life; dirt, paprika, tumeric etc.  I have not yet nibbled on any of them but they sure look great on our walls.

after the sun set, marvin showed his distrust of what has made the new zoysia it's home; dirk, the black axe wielding gnome.

kxan was here at 7.45 this morning 

 just stumbled on an article listing the 10 best places to live.  one of the factors listed was % of workforce in the "creative class".  austin topped that category at 36.5%.


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