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to boldly go where no man has gone before

an ebay find.  buy it now price was only $40.  we'd stumbled on it within the first hour of it being posted.  they normally end much higher.  the base is aluminum and I can polish it to a mirror shine.  this will go in the airstream once I am done installing the flor and cork flooring.

if it looks a tad familiar...

 the burke chair made in dallas was also used on the starship enterprise, from the original star trek series. 

my daughter was happy that is was made in here in the USA like things used to be.  she is tired of finding the made in china label on everything. however I don't think burke still makes chairs and if they did, they would have likely outsourced production to china just like nearly every other american maker of goods.

the sleeper sofa for the front of the 68 airstream overlander has also arrived.  I really need to get back to work on that project as the new parts are starting to arrive.  it was designed in denmark, made in china.

her band; breakfast cereal killers, have three songs in their portfolio since they added miss you by the rolling stones and schools out by alice cooper.  the rolling stones song prompted a mother to request a lyrics change as her daughter was not comfortable with the original.  we can sympathize with the sensitivities of a young female, however, it is school or ROCK and not school of NURSERY RHYMES.  I'm sure they'll do great.  they have their first gig at antone's in less than a week.

sofa made in italy, 1950's coffe table made in USA with a base made by me last year.  guitar made in china.

keeping us on our science fiction theme, her brother practices his light saber (thank you, wookiepedia)

back to the cool house tour of 2008, I understand some tourist had suggested we insist that the cool house tour folks strike out the comment about our rain water collecting pool cover!  I'm sure they'd love to ask for the couple thousand brochures to be returned so they can strike out that line!

here is how it works: we have a pool cover.  when it rains, the rain water collects ON the cover.  we have a pump with a hose attached.  that pumps the rain water OFF the cover; it's a safety issue in case somebody falls onto the cover.  the pump is attached to a hose that can be directed to water the lawn or into a rain water collection barrel for later use.  so YES, our pool cover does collect rain water that we can use to on our landscaping.   

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