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they came, our chins wagged

the cool house tour was yesterday.

we were told to expect at least 1800-2000 tourists.  they had around 3500 tickets that were out there.  nobody counted heads so we are not sure exactly how many people came through.   

they asked people to take their shoes off 

it was hot outside.  after several hours of touring, they were tired and found a place to sit.

we were the only house on the tour with geothermal hvac.  we had thought our mechanical contractor and neighbor would be in attendance, I heard he went out of town.  so, I had to spend six hours explaining how a geothermal havc works.

some people really don't get that it's just a regular heat pump inside.  they were convinced that I would not be able to heat my home beyond 67 degree in the winter.  one person got quite argumenative.  I should've made a diagram on the chalkboard to explain.  would've saved me 5.5 hours of talking.

other popular questions were, "what is this counter material?" it's caeserstone 

and, "what is that on the wall?" answer: polygal

it was odd being a fly on the wall in our own home.  some folks act like they are in a model home, they have little restraint, if they want to see in a drawer, they just open it.  it's odd to observe somebody peeking in my sock drawer.

 the one comment we heard a lot of is how our home is "fun", or "lived in".  one girl got very excited and exclaimed, "LOOK!, KIDS LIVE HERE!"  maybe we differ a little from the turtleneck clad modernist crowd.

at 6 pm we turned on the music and opened a 2002 miner syrah magnum

we invited neighbors and friends over.  there were many kids.  they ran wild.  there was little we could do to slow the chaos.

we had captured one of the tadpoles.

we returned it to the lower pool the next morning.

looks like we will have a few more tadpoles on the way.

going backwards, below is before the cool house tour of 2008

I had finished shoveling granite to repair the driveway on friday. 


it rained saturday.

a new ravine in the driveway.

saturday eve was a great time to be on the green deck.

took a few pics of the house while it was all cleaned up for the tour.



shannon from shelter (the builder) was dispatched to remove the sticker from the window that is way up high.  bobby (GC) was not thrilled that it had not been removed before they installed it.  I just don't have a professional window cleaning crew in my budget.  we used to extension poles, some masking tape, a scraper and a hose clamp.


master bed room.

master bath


dingus in his natural habitat, poptropica

daughter's room

landscaping by owner.





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