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a small slice of shade

the KXAN news feature has been loaded on their website.  I heard they showed a snippet of it last night and we did manage to catch the full story at 6.45 this morning (I look fat)


my "to do" list is empty.  I even got a few extra items done.  a big part of that success is that my mother has been cleaning the house so I can do other stuffs.  I even shoveled more crushed granite onto the driveway.  I was not amused when it started to sprinkle soon as I completed that chore again.  we really need the rain but I was glad my driveway did not wash away before sunday (so far)

got a shade sail over the seating area on the green deck/roof

and file this under the NEVER A DULL MOMENT category:

we were getting ready for our late afternoon swim when the dogs started barking towards the back fence.  they can't get to the back without receiving a "correction" from the invisible fence.  

we found a baby deer was trapped back there.  somehow, we have two fences between us and the property along the street behind us with a space of about 18 inches between the two.  this baby deer had managed to get in between them and could not get out.  


I managed to squeeze in there and had hoped to grab it and carry it out.  it took one look at me and said "BAAAAA-AAAAAH!".   it then proceeded to throw itself into the fence and try to jump into it.  I could see it's nose was getting bloody so I froze and it then ran past me and found a gap.




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