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painting contractor takes his time

it's been over one year since the MDO siding was put up.

I finally got all the trim strips and wood filler painted.   

the rail will be done with paint today or tomorrow.  mom is doing that now.

I made a cover for the all the koi pond filtration and plumbing.  I used a salvaged piece of granite for the dogs to step on when using the doggie door.

I finally got the tile up the wall under the sink.

lots of new growth.  all the effort of the landscaping is starting to show.  kids are trimming off the horse tails that have been blown over by the wind.

pool furniture ready for summer.

new wine bar just up the road, the grove 


she's still holding on.

we've purchased another vintage airstream to restore.  we felt we needed three extra feet since the family is set to expand.  brought our current already restored vintage airstream home to prepare for sale.  $15k anybody?  will try to get a picture set up soon.

mom arrived from CA.  her 69 bmw made the trip in stride.  however, she left the gas cap somewhere just outside of austin.

we were thankful that was the only mishap on her 1800 miles in three days trip.

I took the kids to two easter egg hunts yesterday.

they harvested loads of easter goods

the old egg in a spoon race routine.  my son's egg is mid fall, just above the knees.

notice how jimmy vaughn's twin little girls are both checking out my boy.

I thought she had it in the bag but dropped the egg just feet from the finish.

the next easter egg hunt was held on the hillside while our gnome friend looked from the other side.  here the kids pooled the eggs that had been gathered and shared.

it ended in tragedy.  my son managed to dislodge a log from the hillside and once set in motion, gravity took hold of it.  he said he tried to stop it "but it was too late" .  she got konked in the noggin and had to have the ice pack placed on her head.  they both look so down.  they are young and fifteen minutes later they were back at it.




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