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1970 safari is for sale

clear coat has been stripped and skin polished

has a brand new zip dee awning

front cabin windows have been tinted 

recent new alloy wheels, tires and brake and bearing service

I ran power to this outdoor hatch/storage.  kept powered sub and two satellite speakers in there.

lets go inside 


new upholstery in a midcentury modern style.  maple hardwood flooring and VCT entry to catch foot traffic dirt.  

this table extends long enough to easily seat six adults.  curtains are a charcoal gray.

this safari has the vista view windows.  I've also installed a five speaker system.  the sub is mounted in the cabinet above the fridge and the two far speakers are mounted behind the original speaker grills on either side of the control center, the center speaker sits below the LCD monitor and the L an R are to either side.

the seat backs fold up to create two long twin beds up front. (one on right is folded up).

the view from the front, through the kitchen towards the bedroom.  here you can see where the speakers are mounted.  the lcd is mounted on an articulating arm and gets tucked back and strapped down for travel.

into master suite

this rear bed pulls out to create enough space for two.

I removed the plastic sink/counter and replaced with stainless steel.  I have the plastic parts if you wish to go back to stock. bathroom door has a new skin that matches the new kitchen countertop.

here you can see the new toilet and the shower area.

bed pulled out for sleeping.

a/c blows cold

in dash dvd/mp3/cd player also has tv tuner.

kitchen has new black counter tops and a new sink faucet.  all four burners work but stove is used for storage.  we had the furnace removed to reduce weight and increase cabinet storage.  we used a small electric ceramic heater if necesary.

all the tambour doors are in good shape.  the fridge works on gas (when trailer is level). have never used it on electric.

kitchen exhaust fan works.  the water heater is new and does a fantastic job of keeping up with demand.  most every light fixture has been replaced and a few new ones have been added.  







Sean (Kep)

my email is paul at austinmodhouse dot com

I can't send you an email because you didn't provide an address

I am taking a road trip with my family and am interested in your trailer. Send me an e-mail.

Peace, Sean

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