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modern gingerbread house construction

the holiday schedule continues to dominate most of our free time.  my wife has been very busy at work with projects that need to be wrapped up by end of year.

this is a modernist gingerbread house we made last night at IF+D   but first I'm gonna hit you with the santa happenings

trail of lights 2007

USPS provides post cards to santa

they wasted no time getting the list onto the card and into the box.  

the zilker tree from a distance

 as if the post cards were not enough, they had this fellow in a red fat suit

she first refused to talk to this guy.  she insisted he was not "the REAL santa".  she's very shy and couldn't see wasting her effort and explained to us all how sending an email to the north pole (last years proven method) insured getting her wishes to the REAL santa.  this guy's helpers assured her that he worked for santa and would relay the wishes.  she set aside her shy nature and confidently rattled off her list and counted items off on fingers.

no problems with being too shy

now back to modernist gingerbread house construction night 


sampling sofa for consideration of purchase at IF+D is best done with red wine

this was the designated time-out chair 

when those two get together the time out chair gets a good bit of use, and this was before the sugar loaded house building materials were introduced

they had diagrams to help us understand how the homes assemble.  we promptly set off to do discard the plans.  I wanted a butterfly roof!


wall construction was delegated to adults.  the real task was keeping the kids fingers out of the icing

they were finally liberated and the candy quickly smothered any minimalist intentions I'd had

we provided a few polygal pieces for translucent wall sections.  I know it's not edible but I think it looks good enough to eat.

OH NO!  structural failure results in a sticky mess

our team and the final product

we forced the german exchange student to parade our product around downtown 



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