modern techniques applied using a mid century modern aesthetic; our energy efficient home in west lake hills (austin) texas

austinmodhouse at night


 A modernist home built using green technologies to be comfortable to live in while making a minimal impact on the lot and earth.


  • geothermal hvac

  • 6 KW grid tied solar array

  • sip panel constriction (no wood framing, non osb sips)

  • on demand water heaters

  • passive solar design

  • green roof/deck

  • bamboo flooring upstairs

  • recycled glass content in concrete floors downstairs

  • home designed and located on the lot to preserve the mature oak trees


THE CONSTRUCTION, from the ground up, building permit to C.O in 9 months

THE LIVING MACHINE, life after construction and the Austin cool house tour

CURRENT ENTRY ,our life in the home and around austin, including restaurants, art and live music scene

OFF GRID RANCHETTE, our project in wimberley, no utilities and our own labor, off-grid entries are sprinkled in with all others from that point to current.


apartment therapy tour

trends ideas magazine

2008 cool homes tour guide book (pdf)



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